United Mileage Plus stickers for extended status

The United/Continental merger is a hot topic for those that are frequent travelers on either of those airlines.  It has recently been announced that the 2012 Mileage Plus program will officially begin on March 3, 2012, once all systems are merged. Below is some of the United has released:

  1. 2012 Premier status levels and associated benefits will officially begin March 3rd. For those of you who have qualified for 2012 Premier status, you’ll receive a new credential card in late February with your permanent MileagePlus number. As a reminder, for those who have linked your OnePass and MileagePlus accounts, your 8-digit alpha numeric number will become your permanent MileagePlus number. If you haven’t already linked your accounts you can still do so here, until January 28.
  2. 2011 Elite status and credential validity will be extended through March 2nd. Later this week, elite members will begin to receive a letter in the mail with a special hologram sticker that, when affixed to your 2011 card, will extend its validity through March 2nd. The sticker is designed to outlast the everyday wear and tear that a card may encounter during this short transition and will allow Star Alliance Gold members access to applicable lounges when traveling internationally. We are also working closely with our airline partners to ensure uninterrupted benefits during this interim period.
    Worth noting: If you earned a higher status for 2012 than what’s reflected on your 2011 credential, you’ll continue to receive benefits based on this higher status when traveling on United or Continental (still using the 2011 Elite tier mapping and program rules). If you’ll have a lower status in 2012, you’ll continue to receive benefits based on your 2011 status through March 2nd.
  3. Members will be able to log in to view personalized details for the 2012 program. Within the next few days you’ll have access to view a customized page that will include confirmation of your 2012 Premier status (including invitations for Global Services membership) as well as information on your overall lifetime flight mileage balance that will be effective March 3rd. The link to access this page will be updated on our website later this week. And, for those members who receive notifications from us, we’ll send out information on how to access this page as well.
  4. A special note on timing. Due to time zone differences and the roll out of various systems, some member benefits may begin a few hours before or after 12:01am on March 3rd.

This is an issue since 2011 Mileage Plus credentials expire January 31, 2012.  What is the solution?  Pretty gold stickers:



United flyers: check your mailboxes for stickers of your own. 


Its not ideal, but at least it appears they covered the bases in the interim.  The stickers themselves don't appear to contain a hologram as noted above , but they do have an airplane design embossed on the edges of the sticker.  Hopefully United has notified partners so there aren't any surprised with regard to lounge access and other matters.