Oshkosh EAA Airventure 2011 photos: part 4 - the 787 departs

As I mentioned in before, I have lots of photos from my visit to Oshkosh for EAA Airventure 2011.  This final post contains photos of the 787 Dreamliner which was on site just for a few hours on Friday.  Previous posts include photos of military aircraft Airventure. My first post contained photos of modern commercial aircraft and acrobatic planes from my visit to EAA.  My last post contained photos of the 787 while I explored it close up. 



There seemed to be a lot of Boeing employees around the 787, at least judging by the number of people wearing logoed blue polos.  I also noticed many of these people climbing aboard before it departed.  Not a bad day at work giving tours then a flight home on the Dreamliner.

I already mentioned my disappointment for not getting inside the plane, but tried to ensure I had a good spot to watch it take off.  I always enjoy watching airplanes depart, especially widebodies, and the 787 looks stunning when it takes off.  It was also very quiet, I was a few hundred feet from the runway and it didn't seem loud at all.  MD-80s flying thousands of feet overhead seem much louder than this despite being so close to the runway.


Once it started rolling, I couldn't help but notice how quickly it got up to speed, and as I mentioned before, how quiet it was.  Granted, it wasn't anywhere close to a full load, and the flight back to Seattle was only about 1600 miles, well under its maximum range. 



The flex in the wings was pretty cool to see up close, accentuated by the raked wingtips.



The 787 turns to the west heading back to Boeing Field in Seattle.


Thanks for sticking with me through all of these photos from EAA Airventure.  Of course the focus is on experimental aircraft, but there is lots to see for anyone who is interested in airplanes.  There are thousands of planes that fly in, and visitors have the ability to talk amongst them.  Oshkosh isn't the easiest place to get to, but its an easy 90 minute drive from Milwaukee.