Is a Trusted Traveler program coming soon?

According to this article by Scott McCarthy in the Wall Street Journal, there is progress on plans for a trusted traveler program for US domestic travel.  I don't often read the WSJ, but McCarthy's weekly column is the one time I actually enjoy "The Middle Seat"

How would you like to keep your shoes on, keep your laptops in the bag, and avoid the body scanners when going through TSA checkpoints in airports? 

A graphic from the article is shown below:

Apparently this expedited screening program will roll out to pilots and flight attendants this summer, and will expand to trials including passengers further down the road.  As it stands now, this program will be limited only to low risk flights, such as regional jets, flights with FAM's on board, or flights with no people on the government "watch list". 

A quote from John Pistole, administrator of the TSA makes me somewhat optimistic that his agency might be open to a change that is positive for the frequent traveler, "We do want to do something that acknowledges that virtually everyone who travels is not a terrorist."  Wow, common sense from TSA? 

I certainly defer to Matthew and his extensive writing on matters of TSA procedures, but I can't help but think this is a step in the right direction, and look forward to what I see as a positive change for frequent travelers.  In my mind, it can't come soon enough.


I am cautiously optimistic, but I still resent having to prove to the national government that I am not a terrorist (guilty until proven innocent) before avoiding invasive strip searches.

Nevertheless, if the U.S. can streamline a Global Entry/Nexus/Trusted Traveler program into a single card, I will take part.