Chase Hyatt Visa adding chip for US cardholders

Today I received an email from Chase about my Hyatt Visa with some interesting news:





You are one of the first Cardmembers who will receive a new Hyatt Credit Card with Smart Chip technology. This new feature will provide additional convenience and security when traveling abroad.


What you need to know:

  Your new card will arrive within 30 days.
  Your account number and expiration date will remain the same.
  You can continue to use your current card until you receive your new one.

Explore your favorite corner of the world with the perfect travel companion, your Hyatt Credit Card.


Strangely, this comes with a chip, but no pin, so a signature is still required.  I'm not positive how this will work in Europe and other places that usually use chip and pin in combination.  One place where I've had issue with my US credit cards with only a magnetic strip are ticket kiosks in European train stations.  


In any case, its a positive change.  The only other card I'm aware of with this feature is the BA Visa, which is optional for US card holders.  This card already has no foreign transaction fees, so now its even more flexible for international use.  





Hey Matthew, any luck using your card outside the US? I'm curious to know how it's worked at placed that ask for Chip & Pin.

Brad July 13, 2012 at 03:38 am

FS: Matthew?!? Haha. I haven't tried using this card outside the US. I generally use my Chase Sapphire for international spend, and hold the Hyatt visa just for the free night benefit. (well worth $75). I have the card with me here in Japan, and will likely use it at the PH Tokyo for incidentals, but while Japanese credit cards do have chip, I don't think it is required.