Really, Wyndham? You'll send me to the movies? You don't say!

Normally, I don't mind getting e-mail updates from airline and hotel reward programs. The monthly update on my point balance is sometimes a nice reminder that I've got a free flight or a free night coming to me, and the occasional special offers come in handy, too.

wyndham I've just about had it with Wyndham Rewards, though. There are ten e-mails in my inbox over the last few weeks about their "Stay Twice. Go to the Movies" promotion, in conjunction with Marvel's "The Avengers," and that's not counting any that I've deleted rather than let them sit there. (OK, I went and looked. Three more in the trash.)

Seriously, Wyndham? Two messages, today alone, to remind me? Two messages over the course of the whole promotion would seem like enough, though of course you're welcome to sneak in an extra mention in e-mails about something else.

Speaking of e-mails about something else, Wyndham has sent me over sixty e-mails in the last few months. Sixty! I don't hear that often from the companies whose properties I stay in most regularly. Seven messages in the last month from Hilton HHonors, for example. None from Marriott Rewards, though they sent a postcard recently.

So, Wyndham, chill out. If you don't want me to click that oh-so-tempting unsubscribe link, it's time to rein it in.


laura_mh May 10, 2012 at 04:40 pm

I did a Radisson promotion last December that netted me 50K points for a one-night stay. The e-mails have been nonstop ever since....ugh!

Brad May 10, 2012 at 09:17 pm

Agree Mark, this stupid movie promotion is highly annoying