Outlets everywhere at the Hampton Inn Green Bay!

Not long ago, I saw a traveler ranting on Yelp or Foursquare or some other social media site about inadequate electrical outlets at a hotel. He called the owners "stupid" for not adding lots of electrical outlets throughout the room, especially near the bed.

Of course, no property owner wants to provide inadequate electrical wiring for guests' needs, especially as personal portable electronics proliferate, but the ranter above has clearly missed the reality that hotels can't simply add outlets. Depending on the locale, adding wiring can be astronomically expensive, if it's even possible without practically starting the building over. Newly constructed hotels have a real advantage here; anything designed in the last few years has been designed with lots of outlets in mind.

Even adding power strips permanently to each room might be a no-no in some places. I always have an extension cord in my laptop bag, which lets me turn one outlet into three, and that's handy at airports, as well.

hampton-outlets Most hotels have managed to leave an outlet or two free near the desk or the nightstand, and more and more have desk lamps with an extra outlet or two built right in. Hotels are understandably snapping up furninshings that can do double duty. But I was especially impressed on my recent visit to the Hampton Inn Green Bay to see more outlets than even I could possibly need.

The desk had two free outlets mounted above it, and the desk lamp had two more. Even the combination dresser and TV stand got into the action, with outlets built into the furniture! There had to be at least ten open outlets I could plug gadgets into, and I just couldn't come up with enough items to plug in. It almost made up for the lousy breakfast and worse attitude. Almost.


I don't travel nearly as much as you do (who does?), so I was pleasantly surprised last month when I went to the NAPO conference in Baltimore. In my room at the Hilton Inner Harbor, each of the lamps (desk, bedside, etc.) had an easily accessible outlet. For once, I didn't have to crawl around on the floor or try to squish my little hands behind the dresser or bedside table. Provided it doesn't overwhelm the circuitry, using d├ęcor that amplifies our ability to plug in seems like a fairly smart, not-too-expensive option.