Charge up your iPhone, but wear sunscreen

We've mentioned a couple of solar-charging options for electronic handheld devices in passing, but couldn't resist the opportunity to talk about this latest approach: the solar bikini.

solarPreston01 Solar Coterie is now taking orders for custom bikinis fitted with 1x4-inch photovoltaic film strips, connected via conductive thread and ending in a 5-volt regulator with a USB port. Plug in your iPod, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, or pretty much any device that charges with a USB port, and it should recharge while you sunbathe, or for devices with a higher draw (like the iPad), at least not discharge while you're using them.

The company promises a men's swimsuit version, as well, and the men's suit's increased surface area should mean more available voltage. Either way, the company hasn't tried to make the suit waterproof, so while you can do all the sunbathing you want, you can't actually go swimming. Yet another reason pushing a friend in the pool just isn't funny any more.