What's in the bag of a Corporate Flight Attendant?

As you may know, I have been working on beautiful jets that carry amenities like it's a Target store.

Shout wipes, mouth wash, band aid, assortment of meds, playing cards, candies, mints and gum, pens, shaving kits, sawing kits, lip balm and lotions, are (and some more) all available onboard.

Since all those items are already onboard, what do I need when I am on my trip?

As a corporate flight attendant, there is a whole different need onboard from commercial.

The following is a list of things that I need to have with me on all my trips, some are for myself, but most are for my guest's comfort and pleasure.


1) Clip Board

First and foremost the most valuable thing I have ever purchased for $1.99.

It keeps all of my paperworks in one place neatly and I can clip anything on it.

I clip my trip sheet and the catering info on there with a memo pad and I can jot down any info that comes my way, or anything I need to remember. Phone numbers of the trip broker, the catering personnel's name and direct phone number, hotel info, or anything that has to do with the guest.

I need all info always available since constant communication with the flight department, caterers and/or brokers are absolutely essential in order for all components of the flight to be perfect.


2) Datebook

I have to write down all of my trip numbers, tail numbers, city pairing and the client I am flying for since I have expense reports to file for my accounting team.

I also have a small pouch I throw all the receipts in so I can sort out everything later.


3) Blot sheet and powder

I carry catering bags (which can weigh a lot depending on what is in there) before the flight to the plane, clean before and after the flight (vacuum, wipe the tables, take the trash out, replenish the items used inflight) and always running around to make sure everything is perfect.

This makes me sweat. A lot.

I always carry blotting paper and powder (my fave is MAC Blot Powder) to take a little bit of shine off.

Last thing you want to do when serving your VIP clients is to look like you've just worked out. Appearance is a very important part of this job.


4) Flashlight

I carry a small flashlight (MAGLITE Solitaire in pink) in my pocket so I can just flip it out and see what I am doing in case it's a night flight and I have to go in the galley and fix a drink for the guest or coffee for the pilots. Unlike commercial, you do not just flip the light on in the galley for your convenience. This is all about your guest, and to make sure they are at their most comfortable state -- if they are sleeping, you don't disturb them.


5) Multi-purpose items

I carry Aquophor and Smith's Rosebud Salve, both in a tube form to use as lip balm, lotion, hair tamer, clear mascara, and make up remover.


6) Galley Kit

I work contract (freelance) meaning I can be called out by my agency to work flights for different companies. Therefore, I will not always be on the same type of aircraft - sometimes it may be a Gulfstream, sometimes a Challenger, Citation, etc.

This may come as a surprise to some, but not every aircraft I work on comes with full kitchen with china and champagne flutes -- some just don't have the room to carry everything thus the galley items may be reduced to bare minimum like tumblers, wine glasses, utencils.

First few trips that I worked a plane that didn't have all amenities, I had simply ordered the necessary dishes from the caterer. That can get a little bit expensive for whoever is footing the bill. Also, you don't really know what color and shape the dishes will be until you receive them unless you are specific.

I realized there are few things that I would like to have with me, that way I wouldn't need to order them each time I fly, and know exactly what I have.

So I made a "Galley Kit."

My kit consisits of a tong (for plating), linens and place mats in neutral color, espresso cup with saucer (when there's an espresso machine on board), ceramic soup spoons, a ladle, (for soups, gravy, sauce, dressing) large ramekins that can be utilized in more than one way, long stir sticks that can be doubled as a straw, coffee mugs, service tray and doilies in two different sizes (a doilie makes a huge difference in presentation), a basket tray (when I present them with assortment of snacks and amenities).

I bought a plastic shoe box size bin with a top that latches to put them in, as it fits in my suitcase perfectly when I am traveling, since sometimes I am flown out commercially to a city to be in position to fly the guest to or from another city (i.e. I live in Los Angeles, but the flight  I am working may depart out of TEB). I can not carry a set of dishes since that would be too heavy and may break, I do still have to order plates and bowls (if necessary) from the caterers, but now I have some of the things I know I will always be able to use.

The joy in being a corporate flight attendant is that you can be as creative as you would like to be and the effort and the time you put in would always be appreciated and or will show in the level of service you perform.

While at my airlines, there just wasn't room nor appreciaiton for that.

As I walked through Sur la Table trying to decide on the style of espresso cups, I was more than convinced that I had taken the perfect path for myself.



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Shari October 31, 2011 at 09:42 pm

No travel candle? Hahaha. Interesting piece. Enjoyed it. I don't know much about Corporate flying. Had no idea about carrying the dishes. With commercial flying you are limited creatively.