Outfiting a Business Jet

One of the advantages of being on the fringe of luxury lifestyle, is that you get to "outfit" an airplane.

The term refers to purchasing and setting up everything -- and I mean everything -- on the business jet; from cocktail napkins and sugar packets to the cushions on the couch, bedding, soaps, garbage bags, and dish washing sponge, etc..

What that means is that you get to go shopping, basically. When a company gets a new jet, they usually come empty, and it will be up to the FA that work on these planes to purchase everything from the toilet papers to the vase that they use on the credenza, all flat wares and dishes.

Recently my friend was assigned to outfit a new Legacy for their company.


She created a list of items that would be needed to complete the plane, and her list was 7 pages long.

There are so many things to be considered on these planes, especially in the galley in case you're lacking in space for certain things. Catering is a huge issue in this world, and on this particular plane configuration, the space for cold items to be refrigerated were limited, thus she had to purchase a cooler box to be stored in the baggage compartment. Usually mid to large size cabin planes (Legacy, Challenger, Gulfstream, Global Express) have the option of being able to go in to the baggage compartment during the flight and it creates more space for us to use during the flight, which is extremely helpful.

The items on the lists were not of mediocre quality either (Bacarrat glasses, cashmere blankets, Kate Spade dish sets, Egyptian cotton hand towels, etc.) and thus the budget was upward of $60K. She created the snack basket with organic items instead of ordinary candy bars, and even the basket that contained then came from a department store.

It took them approximately 3 days to do just the shopping, and a whole day to load them up and put everything in place. Since this plane was actually personalized for a single owner, they took the extra time to monogram one of the headrests with the owner's name, and made sure that extra touch was there.

It is work and equivalent to interior designing somewhat, and it actually means something, as often times, when a flight attendant gets a chance to outfit an aircraft, it is added on to their resume.

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Hope September 3, 2012 at 02:49 pm

am so inspired right now!!your blog fascinates me OMW!!am in South Africa and would love to get there 1 day!!hahaha! it feels like I'm reading a movie script!also ff you on twitter!may God grant you more strength to keep doing what you do best!xxxx