What do they want on these corporate flights??

Catering is a big deal in the world of Corporate Aviation.

What your clients want, they will get. 

One of the flight department (I will refer to as "A" from this point on ) I fly for is part 91 and has a "standard" menu, and if the clients don't have any specific requests, standard catering (for a short flight we have two different kind of finger sandwiches, fruit mix, and chocolate covered strawberries) will be provided.

Though the catering is usually a piece of cake, one thing you do need to think about is what the standard galley items maybe -- as some of the special catering items call for a bigger plate, bowl, what have you, and though "A" has a very well stocked galley (with oven and microwave, utencil drawer with everything from tongs to scissors to chopstick holder and caviar spoon as well as an espresso machine with about 9 different kind of espresso flavors) some of the items are in our stock room, and you need to get them prior to the flight. (I did have one guest order shark fin soup, which called for a bigger bowl than the ones we usually carry on board.) 

Ths is the flight department I will never need to bring anything with me from home as far as service items are concerned.

Another flight department -- this one will be "B" -- also takes care of the catering for me about 90% of the time when the client books their flight.

The catering order is forwarded to me and I then go over them, noting anything that may be necessary for the service.

For this company I normally fly a Challenger 300 (which has a much smaller galley space then planes I take with company "A" which flies G4, G5 and BBJ) therefore if I wanted to do a nice service it will be up to me to either order items or bring it with me so I have the items in order for me to have a nice presentation.

With company "B" I am flying part 135 -- meaning they are a charter and the clients paid for those flights -- so I do really want to make sure that everything I do is perfect.

When I get a flight assignment for "B" I like to look into my stash of "Galley Kit" and see what I can bring with me and what I need to order.

 Catering does not necessary have to come from a catering company, either.

If there is a restarurant in the city that we are departing from and that is what you want -- we order them.

That would be the case on company "C" I will be flying for starting next month.

Their routes include a lot of European destinations, and the caterings are often done through restaurants.

I haven't done any flight for them just yet as I am scheduled for training in early December so I will update as I get some flights under my belt.



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BLR November 12, 2011 at 02:03 pm

I'd order an ostrich egg omelette smothered in caviar with a side of truffles. Also, some Dom to wash it down.

Saul December 6, 2011 at 05:49 am

One other interesting point is how incredibly overpriced catering for corporate is, especially from agents down route. We recently flew a famous rap star and for him and his two colleagues the bill came to £350, about $550!