Holiday flying

Basically all of my adult life, I have been in the aviation industry.  I became a flight attendant for a commercial carrier at 20, and here I am now, as a corporate FA.

Holidays (and weekends) are basically non existent and I am used to it.

It doesn't hurt my feelings or anything when I have to leave or be on the road during Christmas, NYE, birthdays -- it just comes with the territory, and I have actually had a lot of fun flying with friends during all of the aforementioned days.

I love baking or bringing snacks for my crew and seeing the smile on people's face this time of the year is enough for me to actually feel like I am 'participating' in the festivities.

When I was working for a commercial carrier, I had a captain walk in the gate with a huge bag from Macy's and inside were little boxes of earrings and bracelets for the crew, nicely wrapped up.

I feel that the passengers seem a bit more cheerful and in giving spirit.



One thing though that you do always have to be aware of, is that some of the passengers may not alway celebrate the same holiday as I do.

For example, I didn't even know what Thanksgiving was when I was living in Japan (I was born there) so once I came over here, I basically adopted that holiday.

I once had a Christmas layover in Vegas a few years back, and it was great because everything was open, per usual, and we didn't have to worry about food or anything.

I remember the first year I started flying and I had a trip that ended on Christmas Eve. I was going home but the lady I was flying with had a layover in a city that wasn't exactly Vegas (read: stores and restaurants closed) so she brought along a bunch of food from home so she wouldn't starve since the whole time she was where ever she was going -- nothing would be operating.

I am not sure where I will be this year -- and really I am actually kind of excited, since I have never spent my holiday in the corporate world yet.

The great part about being here now is that I don't have to exactly deal with the hustle and the bustle of the crazy crowd at the commercial part of the airport as much as I had in the past as the corporate flights leave out of a different section if we're at a public airport (LAX, JFK) or we use an entirely different one (VNY,TEB).

Hopefully there will be some amazing stories in my next post!


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