Outfiting a Business Jet

One of the advantages of being on the fringe of luxury lifestyle, is that you get to "outfit" an airplane.
The term refers to purchasing and setting up everything -- and I mean everything -- on the business jet; from cocktail napkins and sugar packets to the cushions on the couch, bedding, ...
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Practical in so many ways

One of the most common question I get is "how did you get the position as a corporate flight attendant?"
This industry, as I have explained before, is very discreet, and extremely hard to get into.
One of the ways -- if you get to the point of an interview or a meeting -- is doing a ...

Dark side of Corporate Flying

I have not been in this industry long enough to have "seen it all" -- however -- I have noticed few considerable facts about the corporate flying that has triggered me to write this post.
Loooong hours of preparation for the flight - and the answer is always ...

These flights do exist

If you've ever wondered if the 'private flights' you see on TV and movies -- where the rich older men parade onto an elegant private jet with bevy of women, pop opens a champagne or an expensive bottle of wine, and they fly around the world.....were true or remotely accurate, the ...
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Holiday flying

Basically all of my adult life, I have been in the aviation industry.  I became a flight attendant for a commercial carrier at 20, and here I am now, as a corporate FA.
Holidays (and weekends) are basically non existent and I am used to it.
It doesn't hurt my feelings or anything when ...

What do they want on these corporate flights??

Catering is a big deal in the world of Corporate Aviation.
What your clients want, they will get. 
One of the flight department (I will refer to as "A" from this point on ) I fly for is part 91 and has a "standard" menu, and if the clients don't have any specific requests, standard ...

What's in the bag of a Corporate Flight Attendant?

As you may know, I have been working on beautiful jets that carry amenities like it's a Target store.
Shout wipes, mouth wash, band aid, assortment of meds, playing cards, candies, mints and gum, pens, shaving kits, sawing kits, lip balm and lotions, are (and some more) all available ...
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Losing My Corporate Flying Virginity

After deciding to become a Corporate Flight Attendant, then completing my flight attendant training, I bought my uniform and then worked my first trip.
You may wonder, “how did your first trip go??”
Answer - I’d give myself a C minus.
I showed up on time despite ...

Corporate Flight Attendant Uniforms - what do I wear?

Once I had a position as a corporate flight attendant, I needed to look the part.
In the past 14 years, when I flew commercial, uniform pieces were provided for me.
Every year I accumulated more pieces, and I had a small closet full of navy polyester skirt, pants, vest, jacket ...
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Corporate Flight Attendant Training

After landing a job as a corporate flight attendant it was time for my training.
In the days prior to my departure for training, study guides and appearance regulation forms were emailed to me by the training director along with their expectations/code of conduct/company policy and what is ...

Becoming A Corporate Flight Attendant

Flight attendants always say -- "Once a FA, always a FA."
I find that statement to be very true.
The camaraderie, the schedule, the lingo, the airports -- there's just nothing like it.
This past spring, I ended my position as a FA with my airline I was with for 14 years. I wanted to ...