LodgeNet Mobile App

As a frequent traveler, and frequent resident of many hotel rooms, one of the first things I use to pick up before anything else, was the rooms' TV remote control. I don't like getting into a quiet room, so I would immediately locate the remote to turn the TV on to get some noise.

That was, until I watched an ABC News story back in 2010 about the dangers that lurk in the room. Their story;  "7 Hidden Hotel Germ Magnets" highlights that as clean as your room seems, it may not be. Just think how many people have slept in the room, used the alarm clock, drank out of the glasses/cups, or even used the remote control, in the room. Sure, the linens and glasses are suppose to be laundered and washed, however many news agencies have reported that that's just not the case.

The TV remote control is probably the most touched item in the room. Not everybody is great about washing their hands, so one has to wonder how thorough of a cleaning do you really think the remote gets?

As a flight attendant, many of us have used several tricks over the years to ensure we don't get the germs from the remote, or other items in the room. One way was to use a plastic baggy to cover the remote; another was to use Sani-wipes to try and sanitize the remote and/or clock, however that didn't really take care of the problem for the next user of the room.

Well great news for those of us iPhone/iPad and Droid users!, Lodgenet now has a mobile app that can be downloaded and used when you're traveling as a remote control to the TV so you don't have to worry about touching the real remote!

LodgeNet Interactive Corporation is the leading provider of interactive media and connectivity services to hospitality and healthcare businesses and the consumers they serve. Great news for you and me, if we layover in a hotel or have an unfortunate hospital stay, we can use our mobile device to change the channel!

LodgeNet Mobile is the must-have app for mobile users, whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure. This unique app is already compatible with hundreds of thousands of hotel rooms across America and many of the most popular brands, including Hilton (Embassy Suites, Doubletree, Hampton Inn, Homewood Suites), Starwood (Sheraton, W Hotels, Westin), Marriott (Ritz-Carlton, Courtyard), Hyatt, Fairmont Hotels, Omni Hotels, IHG Hotels (InterContinental, Crowne Plaza, Holiday Inn), Joie de Vivre, Kimpton, and many more. With LodgeNet Mobile, your in-trip experience just got a whole lot better:

•Control the in-room TV – channels, volume, on/off

•View in-room movie listings and stream trailers

•Order in-room movies and TV VOD entertainment

•Find in-depth information about your hotel

•Front desk click-to-dial for housekeeping, wake-up, and room service

•Check out the best of in-room dining and hotel services

•Receive weekly recommendations specific to your travel location

•Search our extensive list of local events, concerts and games

•Read reviews of top restaurants and attractions in the area

•Available in cities small and large, including: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, Dallas, Phoenix, Miami, Seattle, Las Vegas, and many more.

Best of all, IT'S FREE!  Visit the LodgeNet site and download the app from the iTunes or Droid Markets and start using your mobile device as a remote control!!!


matt February 7, 2012 at 12:41 pm

Up until now I've just considered lodgenet an annoying way for hotels to market themselves and try to upsell me to something I won't buy. If this is decent, that could shift things at least slightly.

Downloading the app for my upcoming Hyatt stay!

phil February 8, 2012 at 05:07 pm

Great app -- used it twice already and it works exactly the way it's supposed to. Actually controls tv FASTER than the remote control did. Absolutely love it!