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As a frequent traveler, and frequent resident of many hotel rooms, one of the first things I use to pick up before anything else, was the rooms' TV remote control. I don't like getting into a quiet room, so I would immediately locate the remote to turn the TV on to get some noise.
That was, ...

Flight Attendant Recurrent Training

When a flight attendant gets hired with an airline (or corporate flight attendant job) they must undergo a tough training courses to learn the ins and outs of Emergency Procedures. From what I understand, most carriers have a 6-week training courses that teach the new-hire about evacuations, ...
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Trials of flight attendant commuting

I know I, and others, have commented on the trials and tribulations of commuting to/from base to/from your home city, but it's always a journey no matter what when you are trying to make your flight home after a trip.
If you're lucky, you will get a trip that gets back before the last flight to ...

Food from First Class

After reading a blog over on Gadling.com: Cockpit Chronicles, "Food in the Cockpit, How it's Prepared", it got me thinking of my travels and some of the great food selections I have enjoyed when traveling in First Class as a passenger.
I believe I got the idea of taking a few pics of my food ...

AAs Bankruptcy for International Operations

Chapter 11 does not exist in my country. What is it? Does this mean that we could be put into administration, or receivership, and liquidated? Are we going out of business?
We are not going out of business. A company that has sought protection from its creditors under Chapter 11 of the U.S. ...

It will be a tough road, but like others, AA will recover

1) Is it true that American has just filed for reorganization under Chapter 11?

Yes, American Airlines took a necessary and responsible step to secure the future success of our company by filing for reorganization under Chapter 11. This was a difficult decision, but it is the necessary ...

Is your Passport current, up-to-date, not going to expire within 90 days??!!

If you are planning a trip within the next 90 days, please take a moment and look at your passport. Check to make sure it's not going to expire within the next 90 days...if it is, you may want to try to get it renewed by using the expedite feature at your local Passport and Control facility.
I ...

What is a Veteran?

What is a Veteran?
A Veteran is defined by federal law, moral code, and militar service as "Any, Any, Any" ... A military veteran is ANY person who served for ANY length of time in ANY military branch of service (See #1 & #2 below)
What is a War Veteran?
A war veteran is any ...

Reserve Flight Attendant

Reserve...what is it like being on Reserve. This is often a question I'm asked by people who don't understand the airline terminology. That's ok, it's even hard for us flight attendants to explain it becuase often times, we don't understand it ourselves....even when we've been flying for so long. It ...

Hard to believe it's been 11yrs of flying already

This morning I signed into our company website via a portal to check on some flights to commute to work, and was surprised by a small box that was congratulating me on 11yrs of flying.
It really is hard to believe that 11 yrs has gone by, especially of all of all the changes that have happened ...

Honored to be part of UPGRD

After having my own blog the past couple years, I am honored to join the ranks of other great bloggers here at UPGRD.com. Hopefully I can contribute to the high standards they have already set and bring a unique view of flying from the galley and/or jump-seat.
Views from the galley and/or ...