Year End Summary of a Premier Executive By Segments

As the year winds down, and I am finished with paid flights stays for the calendar year 2010, I figured I would provide a summary of my travels.


United: 31 Butt in Seat (bis) segments - 13 mainline, 19 UAX; 43.439 EQM, 64 EQS, and $600 in bump vouchers - Requalify as 1P by segments

US Airways: 10 bis segments - 5 mainline, 5 express

Continental: 8 bis segments - 3 CO Express, 1 CO Connection, 4 mainline

Air Canada: 11 bis segments - 10 mainline, 1 Jazz - and 2 upgrades simply for being Star Gold in oversold economy

Delta: 1 -this was a positioning flight for a personal trip, dropping Silver Medallion at end of year


Priority Club: 71 nights and 177467 points earned - Platinum Overqualified

Marriott: 32 Elite Nights - Not requalifying as gold, dropping to Silver

Hilton: 31 stays; 62 nights, 55041 base points- Qualified as Diamond

Hyatt: 4 stays, 5 nights -Using special promo, qualified as Platinum

Total paid nights in hotels:170 

Rental Cars

Hertz: 13 Rentals - Qualified as 5 Star Gold

Avis: 1 Rental - Dropping Avis First

However, I am not yet done with all of the travel for this year.  I am doing a trip with my roommate up to Washington DC for the new year on Megabus, and will be staying at the Embassy Suites Washington (using some Q3FN certificates from Hilton, as the points redemption schedule is a complete rip-off for the entire city) - and also redeeming a free night at the Willard Intercontinental.  Look for those reviews in the first full week of the new year.  

And below are pictures from some of the interesting places I have visited over the past year (These were before I started this blog, and yes I did spend a lot of time in Canada)

Niagara Falls, ON

Canadian Parliament: Ottawa, ON

Security Setup for the G20 Summit (Week before) from the Intercontinental Toronto Centre; Toronto ON

Bristol Motor Speedway from one of the Suites; Bristol, TN

Me in front of a United 747 engine at United Family Day, SFO


Darren December 24, 2010 at 12:26 am

Holy Hotel Segment Man!