Weekend With The Airlines: Hyatt Regency SFO

For United Family Day, I met up with some friends and we originally were going to stay at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco as there was no room available at the Regency SFO.  However, room opened up, and the convenience of the Regency SFO beat out the fancier Grand Hyatt.

The Room

The room was a standard hotel room with nothing special, but nothing really bad.


Standard comfortable Hyatt beds, and a modern decor.  I was upgraded to a higher level (only Platinum with Hyatt) that faced the central atrium.


The bathroom amenities were the standard Hyatt White Ginger, which although others complain about, I am fine with.


The Service

This is where I had a major problem with the hotel, and it actually has me questioning whether I will be coming back to this property if the Grand Hyatt is within $30 of the Hyatt SFO.  I had an issue with my room keys, where in the morning they would not work.  I went down to the front desk, and they recoded the key, and that did not work.  Went down again, and they gave me a new key, still no change.  They called maintenance who was able to get in with his key, but he blamed the issue on the front desk.  At that point I was fed up, and so grabbed my luggage since I was checking out soon, and took it with me to breakfast.  When I checked out, I told the front desk that the key still did not work, and they just said sorry.  I know this is only a Regency, but I equate Regencies to good Hilton properties, and so I tend to hold them to a higher standard than Hilton.


A decent property, and barring my issue, very nice.  I know this is the go to property for many people, and can see why.  The service issue just leaves a bad taste in my mouth.


Matt October 19, 2011 at 07:54 pm

Asking for keys that work and some amount of initiative to fix them if they don't isn't really asking much. Any hotel should be held to that standard, even budget properties.