Random Segments

Nick Boylan



Work grounded me for a few years, but now I have the funds and time to be able to travel again.  Will be reviewing some great hotels, as well as commenting on my travel experience.  Sometimes news will creep in, but more to comment on it rather than trying to break it.  

I am also a cheapskate, but I do live my full service hotels when I can get them at a steal (and still have them count as revenue stays).  It takes a special circumstances for me to spend more than $150 a night, and I've even secured a rate of $99 for a hotel in the heart of Manhattan.

Recently transplanted to Denver, so enjoying being in an extremely competitive travel market and getting around for decent fares (Sorry, if I don't get the stretch seating, I'm not touching Frontier.  I need to be able to walk after the flight).  Right now, it looks like Southwest is getting most of my business, but United offers more flights and sometimes reasonable First Class fares.  

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