Musings From A Crazy Travel Weekend

Let me just start out by saying that I had a complete ball this weekend in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  But the fun did not end there, picked up even more posts than I planned.  This is going to be more of a quick hit thoughts from various things I encountered, with some teasers of the fun I had.  

Star Gold Access

One of the least exploited perks about being Star Gold with a US carrier is that even though you do not have access to United or US Airways clubs when traveling domestically, you can still access the lounges of the foreign Star carriers.  What makes it even more enjoyable is when you can find a Senator lounge from LH when the station does not even fly planes with First Class.  Thus the lounge is only filled with elites.


This picture was taken about an hour before the departure of the LH flight from ATL.

Fellowship Among Frequent Flyers

It was wonderful being at Family Day, and I had not planned on doing the plane pull, but at the last minute Frank Dean (up through last year, he coordinated all Flyertalk attendance at the event) put out a call for people to help the SFO based flight attendants with their plane pull, since they were short on people to help pull the plane.  So of course many of us stepped up to help out some of our favorite flight attendants and everybody had a good time.

Plane Pull Team

Our unofficial team photo.

Hotels With a Sense of Humor

The Andaz West Hollywood has a strong sense of humor with what they do.  I think the best way to put it was displayed in this sign.


Delta, worthless miles but great service

I am not a regular delta flyer, but was forced into flying them when my United flight out of LAX went mechanical and forced me to miss my connection.  Fortunately I was able to get transfered out to the Delta redeye to ATL, but that still left me with 7 hours to kill, so I did it the only way worth doing it, the Sky Club. I ended up striking up a friendship with one of the agents working the counter, and we had great fun, even enough that I was able to get her to take this picture of me in the club (And the robe was something that I will explain further in the post on the launch party, but it does not involve the exchange of any money on my part).


And yes, I did wear it on the plane.

You never realize how much you appreciate elite seating until you don't have it

When I was rebooked, the United agent had to force me onto the flight, as it was on the line of being oversold.  Unfortunately, you know what that means for seating.  I was stuck in 46F on a Delta 763, and even 14 hours after getting off the plane, I'm still recovering from the misery caused by the seat.  It really made me realize how spoiled I have become by having access to legroom and recline.  However, I will give Delta props for having the best blankets among American airlines now that United has dumped their nice blankets for the thin ones.  Delta even embroidered theirs.


lol...superglue of life ?? lol

46F? Ouch.

Stayed at the Andaz Liverpool over the weekend and loved it--will have to try W. Hollywood some night.

Nick October 12, 2011 at 06:00 pm

It was quite painful. About the only thing I could take solace in was that I was not in 47D.

The Andaz WeHo was a nice property, but quite pricey. I'd definitely recommend it as a reward stay though (but more on that when I get to that point in reviewing the events of the weekend)