is Now Live: New Friendly Community of Frequent Travelers

Thanks to Gary, I've been on Milepoint since relatively early on in the beta period.  Because of this I've been able to get to know a ton of people in the community, and really give it a test drive as a site to visit regularly.  And I will say the site is very different than Flyertalk.  There is an effort to be extremely welcoming to newbies, and to also control some of the worst offenders who make the community unwelcome to some.

Is it a perfect site, no.   However, using social media in the forum software itself, it has built an extremely friendly community where people can have fun while also discussing one of our favorite hobbies, Travel.  In many ways, you could almost say that milepoint was designed to respond to many of the complaints that Hunter shared with us.  I've found that I can post a lot more freely, and have a lot more fun gaining the information on milepoint over flyertalk.  In fact there has been a funny thread about how some people from Flyertalk hate how friendly milepoint is.

Yes, there is a formal status system, but the community has pretty much chosen to either ignore it after getting silver, or go completely overboard in a playful way to try and break the system (but then really what would you expect in a community of mileage runners when presented with a system that does not just use post count to determine how high status you are).  There are some bumps in the road with integrating some forums, as United and Continental are one forum.  

I would encourage any frequent traveler, or mileage junkie to go over to at least check the site out.  It is great fun, and throughout this month they are giving away an iPad every day.  I'll see you around over there, probably either in the Community Center, United, IHG, Hilton, or Newbie forums.


Mike March 1, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Yawn. Can you explain some concrete differences? I see some of the same complainers from FT on Milepoint.

Its still just a forum, still the same categories and subcategories. In fact it has tons of the exact same threads as FT.

It's FT rebooted with the same people, same topics, same non-sense. How is this going to be "different" when the masses show up and ask redundant questions that tick off the curmudgeons?

I mentioned MilePoint in a post today, too, and left off one remark which I'll make here. It's actually easier to read the forums on FlyerTalk IMO... maybe something to be said for consistent appearance and lack of avatars/ font size changes, etc.

Nick March 4, 2011 at 02:47 pm

There is a strong emphasis on Newbies, from the section specifically for newbies to the wikis that are being tested on the United, American, and Hyatt forums. The likes also put rewards on saying things that people like instead of trying to inflame the community as likes have a much stronger bearing on status within the community than post count.