Maya Liebman gives Farewell Present to AAdvantage Members: Double EQM

With American Airlines in Bankruptcy, and a major leadership shake-up in progress, American has decided to celebrate this season with a Frequent Flyer's favorite season, Double Elite Qualifying Miles.  I'll let Maya's Letter kick it off:

As my last act as outgoing president of the AAdvantage® program, and as a great introduction to the new president - Suzanne Rubin, we decided to give you what you've been asking for (yes, I heard you already! Now, drumroll, please…) Double Elite Qualifying Miles for travel worldwide on American Airlines!

Earn Double Elite-Qualifying Miles For Travel
Between December 13, 2011, And January 31, 2012

We hope this will give you the boost you need to re-qualify for AAdvantage Platinum® status or get 2012 off to a great start! Simply register prior to travel and you'll be on your way!

From everyone at American, thank you for flying with us. We look forward to seeing you on board soon.


Maya Leibman
Outgoing President, AAdvantage Loyalty Program
Incoming, Chief Information Officer

Suzanne Rubin
Incoming President, AAdvantage Loyalty Program

And the news gets even better, travel booked previously counts for this promotion.  Thus, if you have any travel booked between now and the end of January, you don't need to cancel it just to be able to participate.  Thus, a weekend mileage run to Europe will now bring even more miles.  I'm already going to be scouting some flights, because although I cannot make EXP this year (I only have 10,000 EQM, through the challenge that got me Platinum) I can actually look at making EXP next year (with current travel booked so far for next year, I already have 11,600 miles booked after the first of the year, and even adding another 10,000 miles already brings me close to requalifying at Platinum before the month ends.  Pulling another 50,000 miles before the end of the year is easy.

Thank you Maya, your final major promotion has made Christmas come early :)  Your sense of humor in making announcements has always made me smile.

And for those of you who are wondering about your own airline of choice, the race is on with bets on which other airlines are going to match.  

(Thanks to Lucky for the news, and KansasKieth on Milepoint for the email, since I haven't received mine yet)


Its great news! I've already got some MRs booked for the month of January. In addition to the 10K from the MegaDO, I think I'll end January with 25K!