Delta to Install Inflight Wi-Fi on 223 Regional Jets, Regional Jet Wars Continue

The Regional Jet Wars Continue.  Years ago, United launched them by being the first US carrier to install First Class and Economy Plus in their fleet of 70 seat regional jets.  Delta has had First Class on the CRJ-900 and the EMB 175 for years now, but this year they and American announced that they were going to be installing First Class on the CRJ-700 to completely match United's offering of First Class in the 70 seat class of Regional Jet. 

On Monday, Delta upped the ante even more.  Delta is installing the Gogo Inflight Internet system in all of their regional jets that offer a first class, further aligning the service experience between mainline and their regional partners.  This is a good trend as it makes the experience superior, and after using it on my flight home last night, a welcome addition for many people to the regional jet experience.  What will be interesting to observe is how the income from this is handled, and what the uptake on it is.  After experiencing this on my flight last night, I think if there can be a successful add supported model for this, it will become a favorite of many passengers.

(I know this is somewhat old news, but I have been on the road this week and nobody else here at upgrd has noted it, so I'm playing catch-up)