Delta Sky Club LAX

As I mentioned previously, I ended up getting stranded at LAX for 7 hours last weekend on my way home from the oneworld MegaDO launch party.  So I decided to purchase a discounted pass to the Delta Sky Club at LAX.

The Facilities


The LAX Sky Club is a fairly nice lounge, and because it does provide a significant amount of international feed, it is a fully featured club, including showers.


And although it is in dispensers, they are the Korres amenities that they are pushing on all of their flights.



And unlike many other domestic showers, they even have a little kit of stuff for your use in the shower, including hair brush, razor and shaving creme, toothbrush and toothpaste, and even a small thing of deoderant.


Then just outside the showers is the quiet area, far removed from the rest of the lounge.


And then there is the main area





The Food

Unfortunately, the food is the standard sky club fare, but the drinks are decent, and it is a self-serve bar.



The Staff

The staff were extremely friendly, and I was able to bond with one of the agents who came from Europe.  She was even kind enough to take this picture of me wearing the robe I got from Hyatt and the AA pajamas (and no, I did not purchase the robe, they gave it to us as a part of the swag bag at the launch party).



If you are stuck at LAX for a long period of time, it is definitely worth visiting, and much nicer than the United Club in terminal 7.


UA-NYC October 16, 2011 at 03:39 pm

The "standard Sky Club fare" is far better than what the United Club offers!

How I long for a nice plate of open carrots & celery...