American Airlines Flagship Dining Experience on the oneworld megado

I'm exhausted from the oneworld megado, however I figured I would share with you our dining experience.  When we boarded the aircraft, we discovered the menus attached to our tray tables.


Now, I decided to go with the steak, because you don't eat the fish on a plane.  Here it is:


It was a nice meal, though a little disappointing that the roll was cold, but they were trying to serve us an international premium cabin meal in a domestic 757, so I can forgive that.  However, the nice surprise (and I know many on here know about the quest for a better inflight steak) was when I cut the steak open.


Yes, that is actual color on the meat ;-)

And for those curious about what the fish meal was:


Overall a great dining experience.


Looks like a great steak!