Air Canada Wine Glasses Now Available

As I previously mentioned, I found some Air Canada wine glasses at a local dollar store, and would look into making them available if there was interest.   There did seem to be some interest in this unique airline collectable. I went to the store and bought out their supply, and only have 8 glasses available for readers.   Now the big thing is cost.  I wish I could offer these extremely cheap, but that is not realistic unless somebody decides to cover the cost of shipping to everybody who wants one.  

$18 for one glass, and $20 for 2.  I just shipped one of these glasses off to somebody today, and the shipping and packaging to ensure that it will arrive in one piece was $16 ground shipping for a short delivery.  This is not ripping you off as I am sending these out at cost, and the shipping is a killer expense.  Because I realize this, I am offering a shipping free option for those who I will be nearby.  Thus if you are in Atlanta, Chicago, or Vancouver, you can get the glasses without the shipping cost, at only $2 a glass.  For Chicago, there are extremely limited windows as it would be meeting during my connections at ORD on either June 10 or June 14(early morning).  Vancouver orders will be available for June 10-13, and we can meet up in Atlanta almost any time.

To get one, you can email me at [email protected] or hit me up on twitter @RandomSegments.