Rental Car Programs And What They Can Do For You

One of the most overlooked aspects to travel is the rental car.  Unless you are working in a downtown area, or one with good access between your work site (tourist spot), hotel, and the airport, you most likely have to get a rental car.  Most companies that have extensive travel have one ...

Good Contest

Doing my regular checking of avaition blogs, I found a link to this contest.  I don't think anybody here would complain about a free mileage/segment run. And for those charitably minded, they are also donating 5 miles for each entry.  While not a lot, it does build up when you figure out the number of people registering.

So, what sort of run would you construct if you won the contest? 


Weekend Saver Awards

Weekend Saver Awards are possibly one of the best things for United, and one of the worst things for consumers.  These are special awards that function almost exactly like e-fares, except that instead of paying with cash, you are using miles.  The selection is much more limited than ...

What Sort of Flyer Are You?

I've been grounded for a few weeks, but I will be taking a road trip to Charlotte this weekend for an event (and have a good hotel rate, that goes great with the Hilton promotion).  But in the meantime, I stumbled across this article while I was catching up on my blog reading.   I'll post ...

Crocodile as a part of a plane crash

 Recently, there was a crash of a propeller plane in Africa, initially thought to be the result of a lack of fuel, but according to the report of a survivor, the real reason is quite different:
The propeller plane was approaching its destination when, according to the sole survivor's ...


First, allow me introduce myself. I'm Nick and I work in the technology industry for a major multi-national corporation, in a position where I am traveling pretty much all the time I am working.  I do not live in a hub airport (RDU, although 3 airlines do use my current home as a ...