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Returning Military Charged Extremely High Fees on Delta For Checked Bags Within Military Orders

Delta recently created a storm of bad press when it a unit of soldiers returning from the Middle East encountered a $200 fee for their fourth checked bag, which they are allowed in their military baggage allowance.  To complicate matters further, soldiers traveling in Business or First class are allowed to check four bags for free.  Rather than try and give you the full story, I'll let one of the soldiers speak to the situation himself:

Unfortunately, the real ...

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Weekend In Charlotte: Renaissance Suites Charlotte Airport

IMAG0053 Introduction Embassy Suites Charlotte Hyatt Summerfield Suites Charlotte Airport Renaissance Suites Charlotte Airport

And now before I go on another jam packed trip, time to complete the hotel reviews from my trip at the beginning of May.  One interesting note is that this property is the first Renaissance Suites in the world.  This is actually a fairly short review, since I wanted to get in, get to sleep, and then get home the next day so I did not spend as much time taking ...

Weekend In Charlotte: Hyatt Summerfield Suites

IMAG0050 Introduction Embassy Suites Charlotte Hyatt Summerfield Suites Charlotte Airport Renaissance Suites Charlotte Airport

So I'm finally getting around to posting my experience from my stay at one of the few Summerfield Suites in the Country.  I've had long term assignments in many cities, and there have also been times where an extended stay hotel is just a better value than the other options from the other chains.  I've stayed months at Residence Inns, Homewood Suites, and ...

American Traveler's Guide to Canada

 With TBEX coming up in Vancouver, it got me to thinking about doing this post that I have wanted to write about for a while. Over the past year and a half, I have spent almost 6 months up there.  Usually, Americans do not think of Canada as a destination because of the higher airfares, especially when an advanced purchase ticket to Toronto from the east coast can cost the same amount as the deals to Asia.  I'm not going to talk about the cities, as each of the cities I've been ...

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Air Canada Wine Glasses Now Available

As I previously mentioned, I found some Air Canada wine glasses at a local dollar store, and would look into making them available if there was interest.   There did seem to be some interest in this unique airline collectable. I went to the store and bought out their supply, and only have 8 glasses available for readers.   Now the big thing is cost.  I wish I could offer these extremely cheap, but that is not realistic unless somebody decides to cover the cost of shipping to ...

Finally Getting to Vancouver

 With all of the traveling I have done across the continent, there are actually few cities in North America that I have wanted to visit and not yet made a visit.  In Canada I've done Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal, but the furthest west in Canada I've ventured is London, Ontario.  Vancouver is the one remaining city in Canada I've been really wanting to visit.  Thus, I've been looking for an excuse to visit there, especially after seeing all of the promotion before the ...

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After Flight Number Controversy United Deals With More Unpleasant 9/11 Connections

Yesterday, United was forced to apologize for reactivating the two flight numbers that were involved in the September 11th attacks.  Unfortunately, that is one of two major 9/11 mistakes that United was cought in this week.  However, for this new controversey, a picture provides the best descripton.

Yes, that is a United ad right accross the street from Ground Zero.  Add in the phrasing of the ad, and you can understand the controversey.  The company that ...

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Weekend in Charlotte: Embassy Suites Charlotte

Introduction Embassy Suites Charlotte Hyatt Summerfield Suites Charlotte Airport Renaissance Suites Charlotte Airport

Ok, so a few weeks ago, I decided to attend an event in Charlotte.  While I was trying out some new properties, I still come back to the Embassy Suites Charlotte because the facilities are decent, and it is hard to beat the manager's reception every night, especially after a long day of travel.  

Because this is a standard embassy suites, I'm ...

Amazing Find at a Local Dollar Store: Airline Wine Glasses

Real life has gotten in the way, but I do still have the three hotel reviews in the pipeline.  However today I've decided to share a little find with you that I found at a local dollar store.

Yes, this is a real Air Canada wine glass.  Although my airline is United, Air Canada is my favorite airline in North America, and I fly them every chance I get.  I've been fortunate enough to get upgraded a couple of times on some of their short haul flights to and from ...

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Weekend In Charlotte: Introduction

Introduction Embassy Suites Charlotte Hyatt Summerfield Suites Charlotte Airport Renaissance Suites Charlotte Airport

Real life has intervened lately, so I haven't done that much travel to talk about.  However, I am attending an event at the Charlotte Convention Center (NC) this weekend and this trip is providing an excellent chance to try out some different properties in hotel programs which I do not have many points, and yet still experience some of their unique properties. ...

United Changes Award Fees: Some Good, Some Bad

Today United announced that beginning June 15, there are going to be some major changes in fees related to reward travel.   For the most part, this is aligning the award fees of United and Continental, and is Mileage Plus adopting the award ticketing fees of OnePass with some minor exceptions.   The bad news is that United is restoring the close-in ticketing fee.  However the rest of the changes are actually quite positive for United elites.  I'm going to give a ...

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More Air Traffic Controllers Sleeping on the Job: What is the problem?

It seems that this past month has been a big month for air traffic controllers being cought sleeping on the job.  So far there have been three incidents of solo controllers falling asleep on the job.  Just this morning, a plane had to land unassisted at Reno-Tahoe International Airport. Unlike many people, I can not lay most of the blame on the individual controllers.  While they do share in the blame, the issue is with the system itself.

Working in the technology ...

US Airways to Add First Class in Regional Jets Among Other Improvements

US Airways finally realized they were uncompetitive with the other legacy carriers.  Until now they have avoided any real investment in their domestic product, and have even been stripping benefits and service from their domestic fleet (remember, they did not offer glassware for domestic First Class drink service).  However the month of April brought about a quiet change until they announced their grand plans at their media day.

The first change that was effective April 1, ...

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Coming Soon to an Airport Near You: TSA Strip Searches

There are many of us that have issues with the current security theatre surrounding the TSA and its search procedures.  However this week was the source of one of the most outrageous statements about the power of the TSA and its ability to search any and all passengers.  In court the lawyer for the TSA declared that they have the power to strip search all airline passengers without comment or hearings beforehand.   

It is this arrogance that causes people to ...

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Trying Out Home2 Suites

 So a couple of weeks ago (I've been meaning to get this out, but personal life has gotten in the way), there was an event I wanted to attend in Fayetteville, NC.  While this is certainly a reasonable drive, I did not relish the thought of getting out of the event at 11pm and then having to drive 2 hours on the backroads of central North Carolina.  Thus, I used it as an excuse to try out the newest brand from Hilton, Home2 Suites.  It is an interesting hotel, and from ...

Merge your United and Continental Elite Miles and Transfer Award miles

While United and Continental have been aligning benefits and partners since the merger, there are still differences in the programs that members must deal with, such as one-way awards, upgrade priority, or even being able to use particular partners.  However as of today, those issues are a thing of the past.  According to CO Insider,  you are now able to status match and combine EQM/EQS between the programs immediately with weekly sweeps so that your total qualifying balance is ...

4 Comments Read more is Now Live: New Friendly Community of Frequent Travelers

Thanks to Gary, I've been on Milepoint since relatively early on in the beta period.  Because of this I've been able to get to know a ton of people in the community, and really give it a test drive as a site to visit regularly.  And I will say the site is very different than Flyertalk.  There is an effort to be extremely welcoming to newbies, and to also control some of the worst offenders who make the community unwelcome to some.

Is it a perfect site, no.   ...

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Flying Turkish on an International Itinerary? Get a Free Tour of Istanbul on your Layover

Since everybody here loves creating some sort of crazy touring itenerary when booking awards, Turkish has just made it easier to add another city to your journey without using up a stopover.  Passengers of any class transiting internationally on Turkish Airlines can now take advantage of a free tour of Istanbul if their layover is longer than 6 hours between 0900 and 1800 local time.  The tour lasts 6 hours and includes food, transportation, and admission costs to any museums. ...

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Mattress Runners Beware: Some Hotels Refusing to Allow Locals to Stay

Just as people mileage run to get redeemable miles and higher elite status, there are many people who mattress run to get the same with hotel programs.  Maybe you wanted to take advantage of Hyatt's Faster Free Nights to redeem at some exotic Hyatt property by taking a few stays at a $50 a night Hyatt Place near your home.  Maybe you need a few more points that a $50 a night rate can get you so you can have your week-long vacation in Bali at the Intercontinental Bali.  Maybe ...

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The Skies Just Ain't Friendly Anymore: Ray Stevens Protest Against the TSA

I found this amusing video online today, and figured that everybody here might enjoy it.

Now of course the production values are extremely low, but because of that it allows for an interesting game.  Name the airports that you see in the video.

(Thanks to Penn Jillette for posting the link to this video on twitter.  You should also go see the show in Vegas, they do have a wonderful bit on how useless the security screening is)

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