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US Airways Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Pilots in Slowdown Fight

Anybody that has followed the airlines knows about the issues with the US Airways Pilots Association (USAPA), formed in response to arbitration of seniority in merging the former America West pilots.  The East pilots did not like the blended seniority list, and rather than accept the binding arbitration, voted in a new union as they greatly outnumbered the west pilots.  The pilots ...

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One World Mega DO and Launch Party. What Would You Ask A Loyalty Program Executive

Some of you who have been reading on this site may recount Fozz's experience at the first Star Alliance MegaDO in 2009, and enjoyed his rant about some of the issues at the Star Alliance MegaDO 2 last year.  While this year's DO just finished up just over a week ago, it is time to move onto the next alliance to join the MegaDO party, One World.

On Sunday, October 9th at the Andaz ...

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Warning: Fishing for Compensation Could Lead to Status Revocation

While the lawsuit has been going on for a few years, It has popped up in the news, and gives me a chance to share my thoughts on it.  There is a lawsuit against Northwest Airlines about a former Platinum who had his status revoked and miles removed from his account.  In the letter he received from Northwest he was told that:


Northwest in a 2008 letter told ...

A Night At the Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport Hotel

So for my trip to New Orleans, I decided to add another hotel night, since it is an hour drive from where I live to the airport, and I did not look forward to leaving the house at 4am on a Saturday morning, especially since I did not know how long I was going to be staying up that night.  I was able to get a good rate, and stack the bonuses so this one night stay on a sub $100 rate netted ...

A True Continental Breakfast


Being primarily a short haul flyer, even when the upgrades clear, a meal is not something to expect.  Usually if there is anything offered, it is an item from a snack basket, and that is it.  Anything more substantial is a surprise.  Especially since my flights are always labeled as snack for first class.  The flight from ATL-IAH was no exception, especially since they had ...

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Air Canada Trans-Border Maple Leaf Lounge at YVR


Yes, I know it has taken me a while to get around to posting this and completing my posts from Vancouver, but life has kept me busy, and I wanted to clear this out before I post some hotel reviews from my most recent trip.

Air Canada provides the best lounges of any North American Airline.  Before starting this blog, I spent a lot of time at the Toronto trans-border lounge, and ...

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Interesting Sights Flying Continental Airlines Through Houston Last Weekend


As I connected through IAH on my way to MSY last weekend, I ended up catching a few sights that are quite worth a look if you have the opportunity to experience the pier of the E concourse closest to Concourse C.

First up is one of the self-boarding gates they are testing out there.  Unfortunately, the gate was not active, however I was able to at least get a good look at the ...

$99 for a $499 Travel Voucher on Open Skies Airlines

The number of daily deals sites have exploded, leading to some interesting opportunities for travelers wanting to get a good deal to experience luxury. The only downside is that they are usually destination or extremely time sensitive.  However OpenSkies is offering a deal on Rue La La for a $499 travel voucher for only $99.  Based on current prices, it comes out to half off on the ...

Continental Heritage on display at New Orleans


As I was heading toward the exit at New Orleans airport yesterday, I saw this wonderful display.

Now I know that is not the greatest picture for seeing it, so I also took a picture of each shelf.

This is honestly one of the most interesting small displays I've seen at a small airport, and I genuinely hope they get to keep it with ...

Next Month of Travel: New Orleans and a Downtown Atlanta Stay

The whole job change situation has put a crimp in my travel plans for the past few months, however I finally have some travel planned, and it just so happens that I get to experience a few new things, as well as an interesting opportunity.  As I mentioned previously, I am a Royal Ambassador and have been trying to figure out a time to actually try out my status (only useful when you can ...

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Delta Strikes Again, and Again, and Again

I've had a major change in my life, and that change actually had me considering changing to Delta as my airline of choice, since I am now based in Atlanta.  However, a Delta incident last night proved to be the last straw in my consideration of Delta, and will only switch to them when forced to by my new employer (which fortunately has an agreement with UA).  

While I'm sure ...

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Good News: TSA Upgrading Full Body Scanners to Generic Outlines

As I talked about earlier this year, the TSA was testing the use of generic outlines for the full body imaging machines.  Today the TSA announced this test was a success and would be rolled out to all 40 airports that use the Millimeter Wave scanning machines and they will begin testing generic outlines on the Backscatter machines later this year.  While we may wish for these machines ...

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Quick Hits on Burnaby BC Hotels


Ok, I'm not going to have a full review of the hotels that I stayed in for TBEX mainly because I was too tired when visiting (see my crazy weekend for why), and because quite honestly, neither of the properties stood out to me.

Holiday Inn Express Vancouver Metrotown

Check-in was fairly straightforward, upgrade to the executive floor, and the room was a standard Holiday Inn ...

Latest TSA Failure: Verifying Identity and Boarding Pass

Last week a man successfully boarded a JFK-LAX Virgin America flight lacking proper ID and a boarding pass for a previous flight from another passenger.  To summarize the story, he accumulated boarding passes, and then presented a pass for a previous flight from another passenger, and was able to negotiate his way on the flight.  He was not caught until other passengers complained ...

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My Thoughts on Bus Tours: Good but Extremely Overpriced.

In my travels, especially on business trips, I make an effort to explore the city I'm in.  If you have ever been to a large city, you have probably seen the crazy busses driving around town from various touring companies offering hop-on hop-off tours of the city.  Prior to TBEX, I had never taken one of these because I refused to pay the prices they were charging.  As an attendee ...

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I am a Frequent Flyer Sinner: I Prefer to Check My Bags

Many of the hardcore mileage runners will tell you they do not check a bag.  It decreases your chances of getting a bump, causes problems, and delays you getting home or to your hotel.  Some even consider checking bags a sin to be avoided at all costs.  All of these are valid complaints.  However, I have not come to that philosophy, and in fact prefer to check a bag over ...

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Come Fly With Me Coming To American Television Starting This Weekend

Those of you that have been following travel television shows have probably at least heard of the BBC TV show Come Fly With Me.  For those of you who haven't, here is a clip from the first episode with Omar, the owner of Fly Lo airlines, a European Low Cost Carrier.

While you have been able to watch clips on Youtube, and catch it on your Air Canada flight, it has not been ...

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Crazy Travel Day to Vancouver on Friday


 As I am sure many of you know, ORD practically shut down due to thunderstorms last Thursday.  Unfortunately, this chaos did not subside overnight.  Because of the cancellations, all of the flights zeroed out, and my upgrades did not clear.  I noticed the zeroed out flights, and decided to arrive at the airport extra early just to be in a good position for getting out, ...

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For The Second Year In A Row, I Barely Avoid Canadian Riots

g20 security 001

My luck when traveling to Canada near major events is quite lucky.  As has been hitting the news, the Canucks lost the Stanley Cup and a portion of downtown Vancouver has fallen into a riot.  I actually was there this past weekend, and even took in the party scene downtown before leaving on Monday.  I missed this riot by roughly 48 hours.  However, this was not my first ...

Canucks Fever In Vancouver


I'm actually doing this post out of order from my experience in Vancouver, however I did want to get a quick post up about the insanity before and after the hockey games while I was in town, since Wednesday is when the Stanley Cup Finals end.  Friday was a busy day, and I'll be talking more about how crazy my travel experience is on Friday.  After arriving, I made plans to meet with ...

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