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Wonderful Customer Service from the AAngel at the Admirals Club in Toronto

One of the exciting things about traveling on the last day of a holiday is the various issues that can pop up.  I actually encountered one today when I wanted to get a 30 day Admirals Club pass when I entered the club in Toronto (With the amount of travel I have in the next month, a 30 day membership is a reasonable fee to pay).  The computer network decided to crash just as I ...

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Meet Up With Other Flyers Doing Mileage Runs for Double and Triple Elite Qualifying Miles on American Airlines

Now that the calendar has turned to January, the focus has shifted from getting status for 2012 to getting status for 2013.  With the Double Elite Qualifying Miles promos from American Airlines, there are people trying to figure out how to get there as quickly as possible.  Thanks to confirmation from American, those able to take advantage of the promo for flights between LAX/SFO and ...

Year End Review: Who I've flown and Where I've Been Summary


Overall, this year has been a very light year for me because of some things going on in my personal life.  However, I have been able to gain some new destinations and routes along the way in my travel this year.  So without further adieu, the new cities I have been to or through this year:

Vancouver Seattle London The more interesting thing has been the new lines I've ...
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American Airlines Status Challenge Trip to London: Economy on AA Internationally


Let me preface my comments by saying that I am 6'5.  Thus I am a lot more sensitive to legroom than many travelers.  So if you are shorter, take my comments with a grain of salt.  

Overall, the flight was exactly as I expected, mediocre food, crushing legroom, and an average flight crew.  For my flight out, I was able to secure two seats to myself on a 777 by paing ...

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Next Month of Travel: Toronto, to Mileage Runs, to Megado

I know, you are still waiting on my report from my status challenge trip to London, and that will start rolling later on this week.  However, I did want to give a preview for all the travel I will be doing in the next month, with new lines, new airlines on some lines, and a wide variety of hotels to explore.  Some of the travel will be done alone, some will be done with a friend, and ...

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Maya Liebman gives Farewell Present to AAdvantage Members: Double EQM

With American Airlines in Bankruptcy, and a major leadership shake-up in progress, American has decided to celebrate this season with a Frequent Flyer's favorite season, Double Elite Qualifying Miles.  I'll let Maya's Letter kick it off:

As my last act as outgoing president of the AAdvantage® program, and as a great introduction to the new president - Suzanne Rubin, we ...

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American Airlines Status Challenge Trip to London: Introduction

I mentioned the status challenge being offered as a part of the oneworld MegaDO, and how it required only 10K miles for me to match my status over to Platinum on AA.  Well in one week, I will be taking a trip to get the bulk of the miles for that challenge.  I originally had planned to do it this weekend, but work decided to get in the way by requiring me to be in on Monday morning, ...

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Weekend With The Airlines: Andaz West Hollywood


Although you have seen some pictures of the Andaz West Hollywood, it is time for the full review.


This is something that a lot of people complain about with the property, and it can be difficult when there are a lot of people in the lobby, but the agents have no uniforms, no nametags, and about the only way you can recognize them is that they carry iPads to check you ...

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OneWorld MegaDO, Status Challenges Abound

Well, you have seen my recap of the Launch Party for the oneworld MegaDO, and if you are interested in oneworld, here is your chance to see what they offer.  While the details are pretty straightforward, I am going to talk about the challenges that the primary sponsors are offering for anybody wanting to jump ship.


American has honestly been one of the stingiest ...

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Megabus is Following Me: New Routes Launching From ATL

This time last year, Megabus did a major expansion from Washington DC, and it included service to Durham, NC where I lived at the time.  This year Megabus is launching a brand new hub, Atlanta, GA.  After going through withdrawl for cheap trips, I can now take Megabus again for destinations throughout the southeast.  The destinations being served from ATL are as ...

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Weekend With The Airlines: United Family Day


United Family Day is an annual occurence at the SFO Maintenance Base where United celebrates its employees and provides fun activities for families and employees including plane tours, car show, giveaways, and more.  



And yes, that was both retrojets next to each other.

The engine ...

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Sale on Delta Sky Club Passes

Matthew blogged last week about the sale on United Club passes.  Well, Delta has decided to outdo United, by offering a special groupon that the advertised one is a single visit pass for $25, the same price as posted for holders of a Delta American Express Card.  However, the second deal is much more attractive if you are flying through airports that have Delta Sky Clubs that are ...

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1 Year Anniversary

Well, it is hard to believe that it has been one year since I started blogging here.  And although I have not been the most consistent of bloggers, I have also been forced through some major life changes.  Going from gainfully employed in a traveling job, to unemployed, to employed in a desk job.  Looking back at my posts, I have learned a lot about my travel patterns when you ...

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Weekend With The Airlines: oneworld MegaDO Launch Party


I am posting this one out of order as the MegaDO is supposed to open for reservations before this article would be posted on the schedule of this post, and I wanted to give everyone a preview of the group before reservations start.

So after rushing from Family Day in SFO, a group of us made it to the Andaz West Hollywood for the launch party.  When going up to the party, I first ...

Weekend With The Airlines: Hyatt Regency SFO


For United Family Day, I met up with some friends and we originally were going to stay at the Grand Hyatt San Francisco as there was no room available at the Regency SFO.  However, room opened up, and the convenience of the Regency SFO beat out the fancier Grand Hyatt.

The Room

The room was a standard hotel room with nothing special, but nothing really ...

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Intercontinental New Orleans


At the end of August, I made a stay at the Intercontinental New Orleans, finally making my first stay as a Royal Ambassador.  This was also the hotel I made my first stay as an Ambassador, so it is quite fitting for me to do the same for Royal Ambassador.  

The Room

I was upgraded to a two room corner suite, which was really just composed of two normal rooms, with the ...

Delta Sky Club LAX


As I mentioned previously, I ended up getting stranded at LAX for 7 hours last weekend on my way home from the oneworld MegaDO launch party.  So I decided to purchase a discounted pass to the Delta Sky Club at LAX.

The Facilities

The LAX Sky Club is a fairly nice lounge, and because it does provide a significant amount of international feed, it is a fully featured ...

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Lufthansa Senator Lounge Atlanta


Before beginning my journey to SFO for Family Day, I had some time to kill at the Atlanta airport, and it was during the 3 hour window that the Senator lounge is open.  And to make things even more convenient, it was only one concourse down from where my flight was scheduled to depart.  Thus it was only a short walk/train ride from where I needed to be.  I would be a bad upgrd ...

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Musings From A Crazy Travel Weekend


Let me just start out by saying that I had a complete ball this weekend in San Francisco and Los Angeles.  But the fun did not end there, picked up even more posts than I planned.  This is going to be more of a quick hit thoughts from various things I encountered, with some teasers of the fun I had.  

Star Gold Access

One of the least exploited perks about being ...

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Weekend With the Airlines: Introduction

2010-10-10 12.55.40 Introduction Hyatt Regency SFO United Family Day 2011 One World Mega DO Launch Party Andaz West Hollywood

So this coming weekend, I have my whirlwind tour, that the only time I have to relax will be on my flights.  As I mentioned previously, I will be attending the One World Mega DO launch party hosted at the Andaz West Hollywood.  However, this weekend is also United's ...