Track Your Bags on Delta

Delta has quietly become the first airline to offer customers bag tracking capabilities.  You would think Delta would be alerting its customers to this awesome new service, but that's not the case.

Even though I rarely check bags, I couldn’t write an accurate blog without experiencing it first-hand.  I used my flight home from beautiful (insert sarcasm) Cleveland yesterday as my beta test.  I’m happy to report I tracked the status of my bag from check-in until I landed.  I was psyched to see how it worked, but it wasn’t easy to find on Delta’s website.  I was disappointed to learn I couldn’t search with my SkyMiles number; I had to use the actual bag tag number they stick to the back of your boarding pass.  When I missed my connecting flight in ATL I was cursing the decision to check a bag until I saw my bag scanned as “expedited” with my new flight info.  Sweet!  I was ecstatic when it was the first bag to come around the carousel after an eight hour nightmare.  I checked the status of my bag when I got home and it still said it’s in the sorting area at ATL.  Luckily I’m staring at it in my apartment.  It may have some minor flaws, but why isn’t Delta advertising it more or telling customers during check-in?! 

Bag tracking isn’t the only new thing.  You can submit lost bag claim forms online instead having to fax it in.  Delta has lost my bag before and I assure you this softens the blow of an already frustrating situation.  I assume they are adding these services in preparation for the new air travel laws that go into effect August.

  • ·         To get to the bag location page from Delta’s homepage: Select the “Travel Information” drop down menu on the right and click “Baggage,” select “Checked Bag,” on the left side click the icon for “Track Checked Baggage.”  You will need the bag tag or file number the Delta agent gives you.  Here is a direct link 


Nick April 29, 2011 at 11:26 pm

This really just follows the standard tech trend of launching a feature without promoting it so they can really start testing it with some load. They want to make sure it works before they start promoting it (even though I know many will say that DL does not care, but they are trying to improve their technology despite their award calendar)

Jamie April 30, 2011 at 12:51 am

That's what I thought, but from what I read this has already been tested for months. If you want to test something you have to put it out there, but they aren't encouraging fliers to do that. The blogs I've seen have had great experiences like myself.. gives me hope!

Franklyn April 30, 2011 at 01:47 am

Lovely...some gate lice who is blocking skypriority is now going to wonder if his bag is on the plane and if it isn't before pushback is going to demand the FA do something about it.