Tequila Thursday's at Delta Sky Club

Airport + tequila cocktails = happy travelers!  Delta Sky Club members can enjoy Tequila Thursday’s throughout the summer hosted by Tequila Avión.  Tequila Avión is award-winning premium tequila that uses only the finest Blue Weber Agave (whatever that means).  You had me at tequila.

Tequila Thursday’s run from 5-7pm at the following Sky Club locations:

  • Atlanta (Concourse A center 2nd level, T6, B25,
    & C37)
  • New York-JFK (T2 & T3 Gate 11)
  • New York-LGA (Concourse near Gate 2)
  • Detroit (Terminal across from Gate A38)
  • Boston
  • Miami
  • Los Angeles (Hours are 7-9pm)

I’ve been to several Sky Club locations with members and left less than impressed.  Besides the free adult beverages, I didn’t see the membership value.  The food consists of picked over cheese cubes and crackers, and my air card is twice as fast as the Wi-Fi.  I will give Sky Club another chance if I’m at one of the above airports on a Thursday evening though.  Medallion members can purchase one day passes for $39, which is reasonable enough to give it another shot.  The challenge will be drinking my monies worth in tequila while maintaining an appropriate flight-ready demeanor.  Challenge accepted! 


Does food vary by location? I thought the snack selection was excellent at the SFO SkyClub, with hummus, mixed nuts, biscoffs, crackers, cheeese, fruit, and cookies.

Jamie, no one should follow in my footsteps.

It varies in the worst way by location, Matt.

Jamie July 20, 2011 at 06:58 pm

The food has been terrible at all the locations I've been at which have been all Delta hubs. ATL was the worst, which surprised me. Matt- you must have got lucky!