Travel Report of 9/30: Dirty Plane, Couscous, Parking Ticket and more

Greeting by Suze Orman

I keep asking myself every Saturday why in the world I'm waking up at 4AM to head to the airport. My school is in session so I can only travel during the weekend. But I still get excited every time I fly, especially when I am greeted by Suze Orman:


I can't figure out why her show is aired at 5AM on Saturdays, maybe to stop folks from making impulse purchases (read: 6 pack abs in 15 minuntes) after a late night party? Nevertheless, it's great to listen to Suzan deciding whether one could afford a porch, a Porsche or even both ;-)

Dirty Plane

Ever wonder how the airlines can turnaround a plane so fast?


They didn't even bother to pick up the trash in the seatpocket. Courtesy of the world's leading airlines.

Friend Ship

It was a nice day to fly and I got lucked out with this beautiful bird and a great crew:


 wp_000531  Couscous

wp_000529United's couscous snack dish is so good! It's much better than the nasty processed chicken pasta dish. I now have something to look forward to on a night flight!

Parking Ticket

Last year I moved to Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, depite knowing that even Santa Claus got booted here. Lukily I didn't get any ticket for over a year. Until now. 


This is my first ticket ever in my life. The only significant problem is that it's a rental car from Hertz. I submited the payment on the same day and hopefully they won't send Hertz a bill, otherwise they are going to hit me with the infamous "administrative fee". I'm glad I don't own a car and I'll stick with public transportation as much as possible. Anyone has any experience with this?


Chris October 3, 2012 at 06:02 pm

Call up the PPA during business hours (I think they stop taking calls at 4 PM) and pay over the phone, which will resolve the ticket.

Of course, if you want to risk it, you can also challenge the ticket using the same phone number. I've beaten two PPA tickets that were issued unfairly. You call them up, tell them what's wrong with the ticket, and they put a hold on payment. Worth a shot.

PolishKnight October 4, 2012 at 04:51 pm

Philadelphia, like a lot of major cities actually, is aggressive about collecting ticket revenue because they want the money. Badly. So they send out crews on roving patrols to nail people who violate and sometimes even don't (parking in a restricted area even as the sign indicates parking is acceptable.) If I'm in a rental, I'm ultra cautious not only about getting a ticket I can't fight later, but also a target for criminal activity (those rental cars stand out like a sore thumb since they're so clean and empty of bumper stickers, etc. Nobody's REAL car is like that!)

Ok, ok, enough pontificating. About your problem. Didja know that AAA has money for lawyers for speeding tickets? That may cover parking too. Look it up. Go online and google to see if you can get help. I got a tourist speeding ticket (in my own car) in another state and called a local lawyer, and for $120 total he got it negotiated down to an administrative ticket and no points on my license.