Lounge Review: Admirals Club at PHL

It is usually a bad sign when an airline's lounge is permanently closed. However, ever since AA closed its lounge at PHL and used British Airways lounge instead, this has become one of the best lounges in the system. The atmosphere, design and the amenities are simply amazing. The BA Galaries, located in Terminal A, is divided into 2 wings, one exclusively for BA guests and the others are for both AA and BA (excuse the horrible picture quality taken by my cellphone):



Evening snack, a rare treat at US domestic lounges: 





Self-serve bar with some good choices and more importantly, there's no need to tip:D




The bathroom is elegant and well kept:




There're also some workstations with free printing:


Last but not least, the AAngels at the lounge are amazing. They are one of the best and very pleasant to deal with. While I don't usually pay for lounge access, I gladly pay just to get access to this lounge. I really wish AA won't merge with US but it looks like it will happen anyway; so we might as well enjoy it while it lasts. If you have some time at PHL, I'd highly recommend checking out this lounge rather than the boring US Airways Club.


Abidjan October 29, 2012 at 04:48 pm

I like this setup at PHL, too. (it could use an extra loo). I wish they'd do the same at IAD.