Amtrak 3-Day Sale New York-Philly/Wilmington with a Twist

Amtrak has just announced a 3 day sale for travel between New York and Philadelphia/Wilmington between April 9- May 2. The fares are $26 and $30, respectively.


I did a quick check and availability is wide open, but it's drying up quickly. Compare to flights and buses, Amtrak is the quickest and most reliable way to travel in the tri-state area. Amtrak fares go up steadily closer to departure and the typical advanced purchase fare for NYC-PHL is around $36 so I don't think it will get any cheaper than this. If you have Amtrak points, it's also a cheap way to extend the expiration date for another 36 months.

Amtrak's Throwaway Ticket

Even though the sale is supposedly for departing and arriving to one of the 3 cities, you can take advantage of the sale to travel to stations in between the departure and destination city. For example, the train 190 Northeast Regional goes to both Newark Airport Station and NY Penn Station. PHL-EWR costs $40 while PHL-NYC costs $26:





This is also cheap way to position for a mileage run/cheap fare. Just make sure that the train numbers are the same since each train has different stops.


I find it is hit or miss whether the NJ Transit "gate operator" at the EWR station examines your ticket closely. I know the EWR airport fee is built into the Amtrak ticket, which is why EWR tends to be more expensive. Last time the agent carefully scrutinized the ticket before opening the gate.