Travel Report of 9/30: Dirty Plane, Couscous, Parking Ticket and more

Greeting by Suze Orman
I keep asking myself every Saturday why in the world I'm waking up at 4AM to head to the airport. My school is in session so I can only travel during the weekend. But I still get excited every time I fly, especially when I am greeted by Suze Orman:

I can't ...

When Boltbus is better than United

Boltbus and United are different but very similar in many ways. They are in the business of transportation. They all have many factors that affect their operation such as weather, traffic delay, etc. However, they have different approach when it comes to dealing with customers.
Most of the time ...

Empty Row vs. Domestic F

Many times I face a #firstworldproblem that keeps being unsolved: Should I take my F seat or an empty row? While I can't go wrong it going with either options, I'd like to start a competition to solve the questions once and for all. Since I fly on both AA and UA, there will be two rounds for both ...

Review of Bourne Legacy from an Avgeek's Point of View

The Bourne film series is my favorite series of all time. The character is what I would love to become: running away from the government and actually got away with it :) 
I went to watch the new Bourne Legacy last night despite being disappointed that Matt Damon, my all-time favorite ...
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Andaz Wall Street Price Error

Tonight while looking for a price match for the Andaz stay in NYC in the summer, I found this excellent price error:

Suite for the price of base room. I've found this rate available throughout the summer weekends and the error is available untill EOS(although it's more expensive during weekdays). I'll have a hotel report for this room very soon. Rate are fully refundable so book now!

PS: you guys know where to find me this summer:)

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