Free Global Internet Access with the Kindle 3G

Update: Amazon has put a 50MB/month limit on international data (Hat tip to Matt)
Happy Holiday! I have limited access to the internet I'm on a month long vacation in Asia so my apologies for not having any post lately. Despite my intention to be disconnected from the rest of the ...

Good Morning from Frankfurt!

Guten Morgen! I'm sitting in the Lufthansa Senator Lounge in FRA, en route to Singapore on the infamous SQ 25 JFK-FRA-SIN. Here are some picture on the JFK-FRA segments:


A full trip report (including booking process) will be ready after I arrive in SIN. Singapore really lives up to its hype!


Free Megabus Tickets

Megabus is giving away 200,000 free tickets for travel between January 9th and February 28th (US and Canada only). Winter is a slow travel season so I find plenty of free seats available:

There is a 50¢ booking fee per transaction so it's better to book ...

Saving Money with Car Rentals for Young Adults

Owning a car for young adults is expensive. Besides the cost of the car and maintenance, insurance companies charges ridiculous rates to get coverage. If you live in a city and only need a car a couple times a month, car rentals could be more cost effective than owning a car. Below is my ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the season of gratefulness or thankfulness and it reminds me how lucky I am. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to travel, to have an education and to have a place to live. I highly recommend everyone watch the PBS documentary aired yesterday about poverty in America through ...

Staying Warm and Hydrated When Traveling

Every time I prepare for a trip, I go through my checklist of what I need except for 2 things: water bottle and jacket. I lost count of how many water bottles that I lost and they all take a lot of space from my backpack. I'm also dread of bringing a jacket with me, they are usually heavy and ...
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Discounted First Class Tickets Can Save You Money This Holiday

Airlines usually price domestic first class similar to international business/first class, so they are very expensive and as a result few people buy them. However, recently I have noticed the decrease of discounted first class prices, and in some cases it makes more sense to buy them rather ...

A Different Way to Mileage Run: San Diego

What is the definition of a mileage run (MR)? Generally speaking, it is getting from point A to point B for the sole purpose of racking up miles and elite status for the least amount of cost. I enjoy taking MR since I like to fly and I can turn off my cellphone for a day to be disconnected from the ...

Earn 5% Cash Back and Miles for Hurricane Sandy Donations

I hope everyone is safe and sound after the historic Hurricane Sandy. I was pretty lucky that Philadelphia got little damages and minimal disruption. Unfortunately, there are millions of people without power and/or heat and who even lost their houses and love ones. If you are making to donations to ...

United Version of Hurricane Sandy: Babysit Your Award Reservation!

So I survived Hurricane Sandy, the first hurricane in my life. In fact, I was a little disappointed with what (little) happened in Philly. I was prepared for no power, no heat and no water for a couple of days, but none of that happened. You see, my school was closed for 2 days (which rarely ever ...

Lounge Review: Admirals Club at PHL

It is usually a bad sign when an airline's lounge is permanently closed. However, ever since AA closed its lounge at PHL and used British Airways lounge instead, this has become one of the best lounges in the system. The atmosphere, design and the amenities are simply amazing. The BA ...
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Alitalia to Honor 25.000¥ Promotion for some

After cancelling all the tickets booked under the 25.000¥ promotion and (still) blaming the anti-fraud system, Alitalia has just decided to honor tickets that cost at least 0.01€ or more: 
Dear fans of Alitalia,

Thank you all for the enthusiasm with which you have ...

A Guide to Passing Though Immigration Efficiently

While racial discrimination is illegal in 21st century, the color of your passport(s) still has a lot to do with how you get treated at immigration and customs. For me, I have a passport from a 2nd (or 3rd) world country so I deal a lot with immigration agents and immigration laws. Human brains like ...

Technology on the Road - Part 3: Staying Connected with Google Voice

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Now that you get the world phone your have your phone unlocked, how do you actually stay connected while on the road? Imagine coming back from a 2 week vacation abroad, your mailbox is flooded with voicemails and missed calls and ...

Travel Report of 10/18: Chicago Seminars, 787 and More

UA Upsell Effort
UA has been selling "ten of dollars" (TOD) upgrades for a while. And to further push for the revenue, they have now started advertising upgrades right after booking:

It looks like the price of the upgrade is based on the difference between the booked fare class and M ...

Is Hotel Loyalty Worth It For Leisure Travel?

I love my Diamond Membership from Hyatt. Arguably one of the most rewarding hotel loyalty programs, I get full breakfast, 4PM checkout, club access, top hotels only cost 22k points/night and also 4 advanced confirm upgrades per year. I have been very happy with them this year and they treat me very ...

Technology on the Road-Part 2: The Ultimate Cellphone

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Choosing a phone for travel can be tricky, confusing and expensive. In my opinion, a phone for travelers needs to satisfy at least these following conditions:
Can be used both domestically and internationally Reduce ...

Technology on the Road - Part 1: Laptops

Despite the theats from tablets and smartphones, laptops still have their place in the market. Full keyboard, full operation system, etc. are just a few of the unique features that other mobile devices can't replicate (yet). With so many options to choose from, picking a laptop can be a daunting ...

Technology on the Road Series: Introduction

Make no mistake technology has changed the way we live and travel. Wifi at 35,000 feet, enormous amount of travel apps and countless gadgets keep us contected more than ever before. This, however, create unique challanges when travelling, espescially aboard. In this series I'll discuss how ...

Cathay Pacific and the Mile High Club

Next Media Animation(NMA) is famous for its halarious satire news animated video and they've just come out with another great clip about Cathay Pacific premium passengers joining the (associate) High Mile Club. Check it out below:

I cannot understand how people could treat airplane as ...