Get Lost Project: Introduction

It is amazing how fast time goes by. As my time in college as an undergrad is about to end, I wanted do something to mark the end of an important chapter of my life. And so the Get Lost project was born, with the goal to travel as much as possible before dealing with the stingy 2 week vacation ...
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New Year Snow Storm and Instant Upgrades

The first snowstorm of the year is here, and so does weather waiver. United Airlines has published an exception policy for travel between Jan 2 - Jan 5 for most airports in the East Coast for rescheduling until January 9:

This waiver waives fare differences so you can change ...
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Travel Ethics: To Bribe or Not to Bribe?

After 4 days of utter exhausted trekking on the Inca Trail, I finally arrived to one of the 7 world wonders, Machu Picchu. The view is indescribable:

It occurred to me then that I forgot to buy ticket to Huayna Picchu, a 45 minute trek for a birdeye view of Machu Picchu, that needs ...

Detailed Information about T-mobile Unlimited Roaming Feature

A few days ago, Fozz has reported that T-Mobile has introduced unlimited international roaming for no extra cost. Since then, T-Mobile has released more information about their plan. Below is a summary of this awesome feature:
Beginning Oct 20 Available in the countries on ...

American Airlines Imposing Fuel Surcharge on Awards

Update: Matthew has reported that it's a false alarm
Earlier today, Lucky and Jeff from BoardingArea has reported that AA started charging fuel surcharges on award tickets. Unfortunately the AA Twitter team has confirmed the bad news:

They do say there are exemptions, though no one ...

Last Call for IHG Best Rate Guarantee

Every party must come to an end, so does the arguably best-of-industry IHG Best Rate Guarantee (BRG) policy. IHG has an amazing BRG policy that your first night is free if you find a lower price, even for a 1 night stay. So it's not surprising that they changed the terms after the ...

Android's Free Productivity Apps of the Day

It's a good day to be an Android user. Today only, Amazon is giving away 7 apps for free on the Android platform to keep you productive on the road. In order to access the Amazon marketplace, you will need to download the Amazon app first.
The seven free apps for today are:
Document To ...
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IHG Disappointing Reward Club Details

IHG has released the details for the "new" IHG Reward Club program, and there's nothing exciting about it:

Long story short, the only real benefits are free internet, extra bonus points and guaranteed room availability. Many benefits are YMMV, depending on the properties. While counting ...
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EVA Joined Star, United MP Lost a Hidden Gem

As much as I enjoy the benefits of airline alliances, I will definitely miss the EVA Air before joining Star Alliance, and the perks of being an independent airline partner in Mileage Plus.
You see, EVA is was a hidden gem of MileagePlus. They release seats regularly (usually 2 at a ...

Jetstar Cancellation Policy vs. DOT

It has been over a year and a half since the DOT made the decision that consumers can hold or cancel their reservations within the first 24 hours without penalty. Most airlines complied with the decision, and in general they don't make customers jumping through hoops to cancel their tickets. Much to ...

United Baggage Subscriptions Are Overpriced and How to Avoid The Fees

United has re-introduced the annual subscriptions for baggage and Economy Plus access, which were briefly discontinued after the merger, and from my initial impression I'm unamused with the offerings. The subscriptions are more complex than ever before, with different price points for different ...
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This Week's Last Minute Getaways with US Airways MileSaver

US Airways has some great offers for last minute getaways at 15,000 miles and $30:
Depart: Friday, May 10 or Saturday, May 11
Return: Sunday, May 12 or Monday, May 13
Book by: May 11
eCertificate: UW050613
Availability is pretty good, and I like how ...

The Perfect Travel Wallet

One of my biggest travel pet peeves is dealing with my wallet and travel document. I'm not exactly an organized person when it comes to my belongings, so I lose stuff all the time. Combine that with a forgetful mind and the result is plenty of occasions that I thought I have lost my document, only ...

A Rather Interesting AA Survey

Most of the time, I ignore the surveys that are sent to me because they take forever to complete, and I get nothing back for my time spent. However, I made an exception to complete one from AA since I want to know what they are planning for the "new" AAdvantage program, and I'm delight to learn ...

Philadelphia (ZFV) - SFO $224 a/i on United until EOS

I've given up on trying to understand airfare pricing and ticketing systems. It's like filing my tax return, the more I read, the more confusing it gets. Check out this MR I found today:

The fare is valid until EOS, with plenty of availability from ...

Taking Advantage of United's Travel Waiver for Instant Upgrades

Whenever a travel waiver is issued, it is usually not a good thing. However, you can take advantage of the travel waiver to get on a better flight that you want, and even secure first class upgrade without worrying about the upgrade battlefield. Here's how:
1. Elite ...

Amtrak 3-Day Sale New York-Philly/Wilmington with a Twist

Amtrak has just announced a 3 day sale for travel between New York and Philadelphia/Wilmington between April 9- May 2. The fares are $26 and $30, respectively.

I did a quick check and availability is wide open, but it's drying up quickly. Compare to flights and buses, Amtrak is the ...
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Another Hilton HHonors Points Devaluation

It's that time of the year: Hilton is devaluing the value of its points once again. Currently, there are 7 categories in the program at the max of 50,000 points/night (excluding Waldorf). From March 28, 2013, Hilton is adding 3 additional categories with the highest category 10 hotels costs ...

Boingo Discount and Free Amazon Gift Card

I stumbled across this great promotion from Boingo while killing time online: 

Here's the link to the sign up page. Be aware that even though the ad has the $25 Amazon gift card, the sign up page doesn't mention that. The results have been mostly positive, based on ...

How Far Would You Go for First Class Seats?

When I redeem my miles, I usually book first class awards non US-based airlines for the experience that I otherwise couldn't afford. However, I somtimes question myself how far I would go to get them and whether they are worth it.
I'm heading to Singapore for the SIN DO next week and for now ...