Will My American Airlines Flight Have WiFi?

I'm consistently underwhelmed by AA's usage of technological tools to engage with customers. Their twitter and blogosphere presence is virtually nonexistent (with the exception of @AdmiralsClub). Though I find it extremely useful, their website isn't all that eye-popping or user-friendly. And they don't offer a ton of online tools for, well, anything.

So American Airlines bucked their own trend yesterday when they launched a new widget that allows you to find out if your upcoming flight will be on a GoGo Wireless Wi-Fi equipped plane.

To use it:

1. Head over to aa.com/wifiwidget (www.aawifiwidget.com works, too).

2. Put in your departure airport or flight number (better).

3. Click "Find Wi-Fi."

It's that easy. In fact, it's so easy that they let you embed the widget on any webpage. Check it out: 


In other news, GoGo released a new deal today for frequent flyers. Basically, instead of paying about $10 per flight to connect, you can pay a single flat fee for a month of access. Apparently, that flat rate has been $49.95, which means you need to know you'll be using WiFi more than five times to make it worth purchasing.

Now they're running a sale until the end of the year that gets you that month of access — 30 days from when you start using it — for $24.95. So if you're planning on using inflight WiFi three times or more, this deal will save you money. Here's a screenshot of the email I got today:


Mike January 5, 2010 at 04:14 pm

Flying now and it looks like the 30 day pass is now $29 instead of $24. Luckily free coupons are available all over the internet.