The Real Reason the RAF Scrambles Their Jets...

Today, a DFW-LHR flight was met by Royal Air Force Typhoon fighter jets and received permission for a priority approach at Heathrow. Was there some VIP aboard the flight? Nope. From the Telegraph:

The Typhoons, from RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire, went to assist an American Airlines Boeing 767 heading for London from Dallas/Forth Worth in Texas following reports of a woman passenger trying to get on to the flight deck. 
The Typhoons returned to base when it was realised the incident on Tuesday was not terrorism-related. 

An American Airlines spokesman said: ''Our flight 078 from Dallas/Fort Worth was met on arrival at Heathrow by police. 

''A female passenger became distressed during the flight and reportedly attempted to gain access to the flight deck. She was calmed by flight attendants but, as a precaution, a priority approach to London was requested and police were asked to meet the aircraft.''

You won't find the rest of the story in the Telegraph or on their website, but here at, our crack team of reporters filed the following:

The woman, who has yet to be identified by police, was apparently suffering an anxiety attack over whether or not American would be offering a double elite qualifying miles promotion this year. Other passengers on the flight reported her yelling, "I want my DBEQM!" at the top of her lungs while charging the cockpit. When flight attendants explained that the pilots had no knowledge of forthcoming corporate promotions, the woman muttered, "Why should I listen to you anyway? You didn't even follow FEBO!"

According to eye witness reports, other passengers on the plane managed to physically restrain the woman while flight attendants attempted to calm her down. She then asked for a glass of orange juice, at which point flight attendants "flipped out," handed her a letter from the captain, and arranged to have the RAF fighter jets scrambled.

Though the woman has yet to make any statements to police, her attorney told media outlets that she would be requesting "full mileage credit" for the flight.

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