European Adventure Trip Report Part 2: Mexicana Redeye LAX-MEX

(This is Part 2 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.)

As we left the lounge and walked towards our gate, we heard an announcement that the flight was boarding and that passengers should make their way to the gate. So we kind of hustled. Of course when we got to the gate, the flight was not boarding (though the gate display said "Boarding"). We waited about fifteen minutes before business class ("Mexicana Elite") passengers and parties with children five-and-under were asked to board. This was awesome, because there were about twelve families with young children who rushed to the gate before we did, all holding stacks of passports and boarding passes. It was another ten minutes before we were walking down the jetway.

After some difficulty with my rollaboard (it initially did not fit in the overhead, but when I took some things out of the front pocket it squeezed in) and a crew of flight attendants whose English was not good enough to help me, we climbed into our seats and relaxed as general boarding began.

Preflight, we were offered beverages: sodas, juices, beer, and wine. I asked for red wine and was offered a choice of two: Mexican red wine and Spanish red wine. (A passenger in front of me tried to ascertain exactly what kind of red wines these were. The flight attendant stared at him blankly.) Though not a wine snob, I'm pretty sure Mexico is not particularly well known for producing the world's best wine, so I went with the Spanish. It tasted fine, and successfully helped me feel a bit drowsy.

The Airbus A319 was nothing to write home about. The seats up front were perfectly comfortable, though not offering much legroom. They reclined enough, had a footrest, and were plenty soft for a good night's (read: three hour's) rest.

About halfway through the flight, I woke up, and soon after the purser found me and offered me dinner. I accepted, if only so I could take pictures. (Also, I was pleasantly surprised at full meal service on a three-hour redeye.) There was only one choice: turkey and ham sandwich, lightly grilled on the outside and with the crusts removed, accompanied by a Greek salad, pickles, and a packaged cookie. The sandwich was way tastier than I expected, and the salad was fresh and crunchy. Otherwise, an unremarkable meal. When I slid my napkin onto the tray to indicate I was finished, the flight attendant quickly removed my tray and I was back asleep within a couple minutes.

Less than ten minutes after turning on the fasten seatbelt sign and announcing descent, the captain had us on the ground in Mexico City. We deplaned and headed for the lounge.