Part One: Don't Blame Delta... Because the Airline Business is Complicated

For the past several days, there's been a lot of chatter on the interwebs about a suggestion (which seems to have really taken off with this HuffPost article by Rabbi Jason Miller) that people boycott put pressure on Delta because "Delta will add Saudi Arabian Airlines to its SkyTeam Alliance of ...
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Thank Goodness for Stupid Travel "Expertise"

A part of me wants to write a long post here analyzing the problems with CNNMoney's "Best Frequent Flyer Programs." I'm really tempted to go point-by-point in order to illustrate just how stupid their rankings are. Their criteria are inconsistent, their explanations for why certain programs are ...

AA Offering 3cpm for Charitable Donations

As part of their ongoing 30th anniversary promotion, AA announced today that they were giving triple miles (or, more specifically, triple the usual amount of miles) for donations to the airline's two pet charities. So if you make a donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure® or American’s ...

Quote of the Day

"There’s no amount of money you could pay me to eat that nasty lookin’ sausage…"
- Lucky, commenting on the breakfast served on British Airways regional business class

Breakfast in F, BOS-LAX

Dear flight attendant,

It's called a "mixed drink" because it's supposed to be served mixed. If I wanted bloody mary mix with a vodka floater, I would have ordered it that way.


- josh


Why I'm Probably Not Re-Earning EXP This Year

I'm no longer traveling for business, and with my new job, I haven't had much time to explore MRing to get  myself back to EXP. I'm sitting on about 70,500 EQM at the moment (including a couple family trips between now and the end of the year).
So despite AA's generous RDU/BNA/PIT/STL ...

Free Booze in the Admirals Club!

Free booze! Free booze! Free booze!
Well... not "free." You still have to pay for the Admirals Club membership, or for the premium ticket that gets you access to the club.
But the point is, people visiting Admirals Clubs will no longer have to pay for well drinks, wine, and ...

Vindication! AA Executive Platinum Members Get Free Drinks and Food in Coach

Yesterday, I flew LAX-DFW-JAN with my wife. On the LAX-DFW flight (on the dreaded 737-800, which has only 16 seats in first class), my upgrade didn't clear. My wife and I were seated in 14F and E. 
When the flight attendants came around to do drink service, I asked about what snacks they ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 3: Lounges at MEX

(This is Part 3 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.) 
We arrived at Mexico City at about 5am. Our outbound flight to Madrid wasn't until about noon. Though we flirted with the idea of heading into the city and coming back for our flight, we decided ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 2: Mexicana Redeye LAX-MEX

(This is Part 2 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.)
As we left the lounge and walked towards our gate, we heard an announcement that the flight was boarding and that passengers should make their way to the gate. So we kind of hustled. Of course when we got ...

European Adventure Trip Report Part 1: Lounge Ridiculousness at LAX

(This is Part 1 in a multipart trip report. For the background on this trip, check here.)
We arrived at the Tom Bradley International Terminal, checked in at the Mexicana Elite desk, and headed quickly through security. (The first-class security line was poorly enforced, but that certainly ...

My Big European Adventure Trip Report

I'm traveling with my wife, Sara, for the next few days on vacation to Europe. Strangely enough, this is actually my first major award redemption in several years, and my first time traveling internationally with serious elite status. So naturally, I thought it would be appropriate to write up ...

Laying Over Just a Few Miles from Home?

On the last podcast, we talked a bit about New York airports. The consensus seemed to be that flying in or out of Newark isn't necessarily any more inconvenient than flying out of JFK or LGA.
Turns out that someone at JetBlue disagrees.
I stayed at the Crowne Plaza by Newark the ...

Be Prepared, Moms!

I'm sitting in the last row of coach right now on a 767-200. It's been a while sit I've sat in coach on this plane, and even longer since I've sat in a non-exit row or bulkhead. Here's why:
My upgrade cleared about 24 hours before the flight. I was assigned to 9J, which is where I sat for most ...

A Breath of Fresh Air from a Travel Journalist

(written at 35,000 ft. on AA flt. 2, LAX-JFK)
I was pleasantly surprised to read a blog post this morning from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Sky Talk Blog, which covers the airline industry (especially airline industry news related to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, which explains why the blog has ...

Four Random Thoughts on Transcons

I've flown ten transcon segments on AA in the past fourteen days. Some thoughts:
1. Smaller Planes Suck.
AA is using the 737-800 on more transcon routes, which is bad for frequent flyers. Both versions of that plane have just 16 seats in first. Compare that with 22 on the old 757, 30 ...

Someone Shoulda Thought of This a Long Time Ago

I showed up at JFK this evening for my flight home to LAX and found that someone had installed a bunch of handy-dandy luggage scales curbside at Terminal 8. I don't know how long these have been there, I don't know if they're exclusive to Terminal 8, I don't know if they're available at other ...