Hop, Skip and Snack: Inter-European inflight bites


On my recent foodie adventures through Europe, I found myself on a number of short haul flights (mainly with my overseas BFF Lufthansa) where I encountered snack foods ranging from good and not-so-good, to just plain weird. First, let's take a moment to give a round of applause to these Euro-based carriers who still manage to provide a complementary meal/snack service during their flights. Yay free meals! Now, let's dish the dirt (with pictures!) on these wacky inflight bites.

The "Nom Nom" Sugar Fix
Lufthansa 1846, MUC-FCO
A deliciously moist chocolate and cherry coffee cake, possibly one of the best inflight snacks ever. Unfortunately the cake is also über-crumbly and served sans-silverware (plasticware). With every careful bite, an embarrasing avalanche of crumbs hit my tray table, ricocheting in every direction. Maybe I had the dropsies that morning, but I was still a well-behaved pax and cleaned up the mess with my personal stash of antibacterial wipes.


The Ordinary Cheese Sandwich
Lufthansa 1731, SJJ-MUC
Well take me to Pret-A-Porter and pack me a royal picnic; this British-inspired cheddar sandwich on brown bread is a perfect example of a tasty short-haul snack. Too bad Lufthansa forgot to pack the other half of the sandwich. Penny-pinchers!


The Extraordinary Cheese Sandwich
Lufthansa 2547, KBP-MUC
This breakfast-in-a-box includes a muffin and warm melted cheese sandwich. The "extraordinary" is what happens when you take a bite and a thick gooey string of cheese runs from the sandwich to your lips, even when the sandwich is back on the tray table. Cheese-licious.



The Weird, Unidentifiable Sandwich
Lufthansa 2546, MUC-KBP
From the packaging, it's hard to tell this sandwich is a roll filled with GREEN cream. Allegedly, Lufthansa calls this a "fresh sandwich" ...except the expiry date on this baby is still a good 30 days away. For the Inflight Dish official record, I ate the whole thing, but I can't figure out what food group the green cream is supposed to represent. From the red flecks, I first thought "vegetable?" though now I'm leaning more towards "dairy?" 



The Totally Goes with Beer Meal
Lufthansa 1730, MUC-SJJ
In another case of tray table oddities, Lufthansa has once again been dipping its wings into the experimental cookie jar. When I think "airplane food," the last thing that comes to mind is a plastic tub of cold pasta salad garnished with a giant meatball. Swedish picnic, anyone? Though certifiably wacky, it somehow all works when Lufthansa's delicious Warsteiner beer is added to the equation.


The "Mystery Airline" Sandwich
Aerosvit 4014 (operated by Dnieproavia Airlines), ODS-KBP
Let me clarify, the "mystery" here is not the cheese crossaint pictured below, but the airline itself. Everyone say "Dnieproavia!" and take a shot of lukewarm tomato juice. The rubbery barely-there cheese on the stale crossaint wasn't the best ever, but both the plane's engines and landing gear worked, making it a suprisingly sucessful inflight dining experience.




charliez916 September 3, 2011 at 10:06 am

Great article.....funny and informative

I had the green paste recently on a FRA-VNI flight. It is supposed to be a basil spread, though I had trouble tasting anything other than the processed, doughy bread. So much for a fresh sandwich...

A shame you did not fly from FRA-KBP rather than from MUC. Full meal service on the FRA route. Here's a look at what I was recently served:


Lufthansa Frankfurt to Kiev Economy Class Meal Breakfast


Lufthansa Kiev to Frankfurt Economy Class Meal Lunch

Indra February 22, 2012 at 03:10 am

The cold pasta is a classic German pasta salad and the meat balls a mini version of what they call a frikadelle or, in Berlin, a bullette. I was very pleasantly surprised when I was served this, along with the clever plastic fork, especially in contrast with the other airline I fly when I travel to Germany, British Airways, where you get served a micro mini packet of crisps. Btw, I thought the green stuff was guacamole!!