A Non-Violent Vegetarian: CO1895 RTB-IAH

Remember the violent vegetarian? The tray-tossing moron who decided she was infinitely more special than her "special" meal on a Continental flight back in March? I did, especially when sitting next to me on this Houston-bound flight was my friend Jackie...a vegetarian. I landed prime front row seats for both of us due to my status, so we would both be served an actual snack on this short flight.


It's always a score when I'm served the good cold plate, the one with the little brie wheel and the peppery sopressata. I look over at Jackie, wondering if she was going to pull some Incredible Hulk move and catapult her turkey slice at the flight deck. Instead, we made a peaceful schoolyard trade: my brie and tomato for her charcuterie. She even let me keep my mini gherkins. 

This short-haul snack tray also included the standard fruit bowl, a ranch salad dressing, and that ever-empty soup bowl stuffed with crackers and Milano cookies. I'm not sure what the angry vegetarian was served on her flight, but this snack platter is way too tasty to throw at someone! 


Kevin May 10, 2011 at 09:43 pm

Why do you keep going to Roatan? I'm jealous!!!!!!!

MHA May 11, 2011 at 12:14 pm

What a gorgeous charcuterie plate! Would've been nice if they'd had a vegetarian option, but your sharing solution is certainly a good one.

Do you really like the CO snack plate? I find it quite drab and much prefer what UA offers on "snack" flights--a cold pasta salad with chicken breast and a bowl of soup or a hot sandwich with soup. The greasy cold cuts just don't cut it for me...