Elyseonthe inflight dish

B. Y. O. S(nack): CO 1790 IAH-MIA


On a brief layover in Houston, I was feeling inspired by the passenger on my inbound flight who hauled her own DIY full service meal onboard. With no chance of an upgrade on my connecting flight, my tray table and I were on our own.

Someday I'll sample the airline's new meals-for-purchase menu, but I couldn't risk spoiling my appetite enroute to Miami. I was traveling in full foodie-anticipation mode, heading to an event at the annual South Beach Wine and Food ...

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Short Flight, Light Bite?: CO1422 MSY-IAH

It was a brief up-and-down trip, a connecting flight, barely 40 minutes in length. Clearly there was no time for a meal service. I settled in with my pretzels and ice water, blissfully unaware that this flight was one of the last, lingering few to receive Continental's complimentary snack service. There would be no more shiny foil bags of pretzels, or crunchy cookies in my inflight future. Had I known then that the days of free snacks were eminently numbered, I may have waxed ...

Lunch in the Twilight Zone, CO 516 EWR-MSY

I consider a grilled shrimp salad an inflight score, especially on a domestic route. I was given a choice between the shrimp and something that resembled a sad, brown version of a burrito from my high-school cafeteria days. To be fair, it was called a "beef quesadilla wrap," and my neighbor, 1B, downed his like a pro. The shrimp, on the other hand, made for a much prettier picture.

There aren't a whole lot of ways to screw up cooked shrimp, ...

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Lufthansa Hosts an “Amazing Race”. The Foodie Plays.

Who doesn't prefer the food in Business class?

This morning I participated in a contest offered by Lufthansa. In honor of today's inaugural A380 flight (FRA-JFK), the “Catch the Crew” contest was a mini-Amazing Race/scavenger hunt through the streets of SoHo in Manhattan, NYC. The objective was to locate 10 out of 23 “crew members” dressed in Lufthansa gear and to collect corresponding “passport” stamps. Once ten stamps were ...

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Phantom Soup and Subliminal Snacks: CO37 EWR-MCO

  I don’t take many domestic flights. When I do, they’re connectors, usually of the crack-of-dawn variety at such an ungodly hour that the choice between eggs and cereal becomes a weighty decision. I recently found myself on a relatively short flight at a decent hour, heading down to Florida. Frankly, I needed a break from New York City’s ongoing “Snowpocalypse” 2011. I was happy just to be on the flight (happier after my pre-flight Bloody Mary), so it ...