Plane Ride Playlist

I know that technically this blog should be informative and exciting.. chock full of knowledge and tips.. I'll save that for my next post.

THIS post, ladies and gents, will be my example of a perfect 'Plane Ride Playlist.'

As a flight attendant, we go through security every day before work. (Another reason to shoot us a smile next time you see us.) Since the majority of the public doesn't have to undergo such scrutiny every day, we completely understand why you are absolutely frazzled by the time you get to our airplane. Hopefully, this playlist saves your positive attitude and gets you through the constant beverage cart nudges and call bell dings.


  • The Black Ghosts – 'Full Moon'
  • Charlie Parker – 'Summertime'
  • Coldplay – 'Viva La Vida'
  • Kings of Leon – 'Radioactive'
  • BB King – 'The Thrill Is Gone'
  • Ray LaMontagne - ' Let It Be Me'
  • Boston – 'Foreplay / Long Time'
  • Elbow – 'One Day Like This'
  • The Whitest Boy Alive – 'Burning'
  • Passion Pit – 'Swimming In The Flood'
  • The Postal Service – 'Such Great Heights'
  • Trentemoller – 'Take Me Into your Skin'
  • Earth Wind & Fire - 'September'
  • Poison – 'Nothin' But A Good Time'
  • Deadmau5 – 'Move For Me'
  • U2 – 'Walk On'
  • Carolina Liar – 'I'm Not Over'
  • The Script – 'For The First Time'
  • Journey – 'Don't Stop Believin'
  • Lionel Hampton – 'Toin Me Loose'
  • Bob Marley – 'Three Little Birds'
  • Pinback – 'Penelope'
  • Jason Mraz – 'I'm Yours'
  • Joe Bonamassa – 'Blues Deluxe'
  • The Beatles – 'Something'
  • Claude Von Stroke – 'Aundy'
  • Muse – 'Starlight'
  • The Wannadies – 'You and Me Song'
  • The Airborne Toxic Event – 'Wishing Well'
  • ..and, of course, Frank Sinatra – 'Come Fly With Me'

30 songs to take you through at least an hour and a half of “Seat Belt Sign” announcements. But, hey, worse comes to worst, if you don't care for the music, play one of our exciting travel podcasts instead. I won't be offended. = )