Gabrielle broadening my horizons

Instrument Rating Here I Come!



I'm so happy to announce that I won the Amelia Earhart Memorial Scholarship with the International Ninety-Nines, the female pilot organization Amelia founded back in 1929. This scholarship will propel me in my piloting career, enabling me to complete my entire Instrument rating. I'm so honored that my ...

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My Sneak Peak at the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh


Between battling the weather and food poisoning I managed to get a few quick pictures of some of the great aircraft at #OSH11. I'll be posting more next week and fellow UPGRD blogger Brad is rumored to be on the way to report on more of the activities.

I had the unexpected pleasure of sitting next to General Chuck Yeager today. I'm always amazed at the sights, sounds and connections ...

Flight Lessons, Friendships & My Future

ATP 005

So we're just passed the halfway point of 2011, which gives me the incentive to write about how I got here. If I had my way, general aviation would be in my life on an hourly basis! But, alas, my day-to-day job in the back of the cabin calls for me, until I have enough hours to be behind the flight deck door.

I am not really sure when my interests in aviation came about. What I am sure ...

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Plane Ride Playlist

I know that technically this blog should be informative and exciting.. chock full of knowledge and tips.. I'll save that for my next post.

THIS post, ladies and gents, will be my example of a perfect 'Plane Ride Playlist.'

As a flight attendant, we go through security every day before work. (Another reason to shoot us a ...

A Day in the Life of a Reserve Flight Attendant

04:30 – The dreaded 'reveille' ring tone I've set for the special people in my life, scheduling, rings. Too early to be thrilled, I answer the phone and am greeted by a cheerful scheduler who tells me, 'We have to upgrade you! You're going to sit reserve at the airport today!' After telling her politely that isn't much of an upgrade, I drag myself out of bed, ...

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