The Denver Airport Conspiracies

If you ever want to feel uneasy about the sanity of people permitted in airports, just google "Denver Airport" and read the crazy claims people have come up with about the art there.  By now most of us have heard the crazy theorey of William Tapley that the airport is Evil, Satanic & full of Phalic Symbols. Here's a new one that I discovered...

Denver Airport and the Murals are Symbols of the New World Order's intent to conduct a mass genocide.

"Any traveler through Denver, Colorado is in for a scary experience," the video starts out. They go on to talk about the layout of the airport being a Nazi symbol, the artwork being a sign of the New World Order's mass genocide and Mayan Doom's Day, and various other insanity.  A lot of time is spent looking at the murals and building a claim that the artist is trying to tell us that the United States is going to kill us all- complete with sinister background music. One acronym kept popping through my head- AYFKM?!

The main artist in question is Leo Tanguma, who addresses the conspiracies on his website by stating, "The most recurrent theme in my numerous murals across the years has been the struggle for human liberation and human dignity." While the themes of his artwork are very dark, they are themes the artist is very familiar with. DIA-4 (In Peace and Harmony with Nature- Terminal South "The painting references social realist murals of Mexico, but addresses a modern theme: the destruction of the environment . . ."- DIA Website)

As with most of the art I've studied, most is controversial in its present time. Artists' don't always paint a pretty picture for us to look at. Art is essentially a reflection of reality- present and past. It's the creative outlet in which artists often cope with what's going on around them, try to make their world make sense, or react to the nonsensical. Tanguma's Avante Garde themes bring to light groups of people in American history that, in his view, have been oppressed (and continue to be oppressed).  His murals are an unsettling reality for those living in poverty, witnessing gang violence, and war crimes abroad- a story that must be told.

Art History Lesson for the Day: Interpret as you wish, but do a little research to find out more about the artist before making insane claims and conspiracy theories.


Don't forget the underground city @ DIA! :rolleyes:

Grace January 17, 2012 at 10:10 pm

I still love William Tapley's Phalic DIA theorey. It's more disturbing that this guy calls himself the "Third Eagle of the Apocalypse" and sees male genitalia everywhere he looks. God forbid he look at a map of Manhattan, or visit Washington DC...or leave his house.