Flight Attendant Crash Pads 101

 Were you one of the lucky, chosen ones to get hired in the last year during the latest wave of Flight Attendant hirings?  Congratulations!  You survived the intense training and are given your domicile assignment and inevitably you will be commuting.  If you are new to this industry, you are in for a huge lifestyle change, but your fellow airline peeps are here to help!

Do your homework before you get there.

  • Check hotel prices in the area and ask about discounted rates for crew members.  Be sure to inquire about the airport shuttle services and other hotel amenities such as: free wifi, breakfast, fitness center & pool area, business center, proximity to shopping and/or entertainment. If you are going to be on reserve, its worth it to pay a little more for the extras so you’ll have something to do.
  • Along with checking about the crew rates- make sure you also check sites like Hotwire, Orbitz etc to see if they offer a better rate!
  • Check with any contacts you may have already there.  If you know crews then ask about crashpads (shared living quarters for crews- hotel, house, apartments). Sometimes there is information posted in your training center too.


Don’t be shy in your domicile’s crew lounge

  • Ask around about crashpads, the best hotels for crews, etc. I discovered that my new domicile has a Facebook Group specifically for commuters looking to share hotel rooms near the airport.
  • Scan your crew room’s bulletin boards for Crashpad listings.  If you are not in a city with convenient public transit- a hotel may be your best option.
  • Make commuting friends to share with.  If you know they commute, just call or text before you commute to ask if they will be needing to share/split a hotel room.

Be sure to compare all of your options and don’t be afraid to try out each one before settling on your mode of rest.  While $35 for the Extended Stay is a fantastic rate- the only ameneties offered are an airport shuttle and kitchenette.  For $5 more I can go to the Sleep Inn and have free wifi, free hot breakfast, pool, fitness center and walking distance to Restaurants along with a shuttle to the airport.  Neither are glamorous hotels, but welcome to commuting.


Great tips on finding crash pads. Being new in this business can be tough but you will find great friends among your aviation colleagues. Its a unique world with unique and often very talented people. Telma.

I think it is great that these guidelines are available, not just for flight attendants, but for everyone. I travel a lot, and I especially enjoy the tips on finding a good crash pad, because it is something I need often. I think that if more people read this, more people would realize the benefits of a crash pad and consider it as an option. Thanks for the information!