Ads in Airports I Love: Nutrisoda

upgrd-sept-7-nutrisoda-adFor the last few months I've been loving these ads in Food Court of the Philadelphia International Airport. Bright colors. Funny taglines. Fantastic ad placement! I mean really a sugar free, nutrient-enriched soda in an airport...Yes Please!

What I can't get enough of are the funny air-travel related taglines! But what I can't seem to find is the actual product. While I haven't looked very hard, I haven't seen them at the many vendors in the airport either. A little bit of google searching has me incredibly disappointed and confused. The website on the poster leads you nowhere. It seems as though the entire product has been redesigned, and they've moved onto a different ad campaign.

In the end: I love the ads.  Next time you are in Philadelphia take a walk to the food court area between Concourses B & C and check them out. You're sure to enjoy the taglines at least...and if you find the product let me know!