Grace gracing the skies

How to Become a Traveling Photographer in 4 Easy Steps with your iPhone!


Own an iPhone or iPad Purchase the Camera + App from the iTunes store. Click here to get it! Find something that catches your eye & snap a photo. Edit with your Camera + App

Okay it might be a little more complicated than that. It does take a bit of talent and luck, but you really can get some great photos while you are jetsetting and globetrotting without bringing another ...

Ads in Airports I Love: Nutrisoda


For the last few months I've been loving these ads in Food Court of the Philadelphia International Airport. Bright colors. Funny taglines. Fantastic ad placement! I mean really a sugar free, nutrient-enriched soda in an airport...Yes Please!

What I can't get enough of are the funny air-travel related taglines! But what I can't seem to find is the actual product. While I haven't looked ...

Airport Galleries


One of the things I love about my job is that every now & then I can get out and see some art.  Lately that has been far too infrequent for me, but luckily a few airports have surprised me with their exhibitions!

I asked my Facebook & Twitter friends where they like to see art while passing through airports and while a few said they hardly notice, others have also ...

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Airport Art: Boarding All Rows


It's safe to assume my readers are as much (or more) of an airport geek as I am so I know you will enjoy this little gem I found while feeding my Pinterest addiction today.

Rich from Boarding All Rows in San Franscisco, CA creates beautiful prints inspired by travel, airports, adventure, and maps.  You can view his entire gallery at and purchase prints at  In addition to the woodblock prints of maps, Rich also creates unique prints of airplanes, airport gate areas and scenes from his travels. His prints provide a unique and fun perspective of travel...and quite honestly I think I might need a few for my office!

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The Denver Airport Conspiracies


If you ever want to feel uneasy about the sanity of people permitted in airports, just google "Denver Airport" and read the crazy claims people have come up with about the art there.  By now most of us have heard the crazy theorey of William Tapley that the airport is Evil, Satanic & full of Phalic Symbols. Here's a new one that I discovered...

Denver Airport and the Murals are ...

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Kudos to the Crew!

Being a flight attendant can often be a thankless job. We do our best to rearrange bags so that your precious gifts won't have to be sent to baggage claim at Christmas.  We ask people to switch seats during the already hectic boarding process so that your 5 year old doesn't have to sit with a stranger.  We are smiling (sometimes) after a 14 hour day, complete with delays & ...

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Flight Attendant Crash Pads 101


 Were you one of the lucky, chosen ones to get hired in the last year during the latest wave of Flight Attendant hirings?  Congratulations!  You survived the intense training and are given your domicile assignment and inevitably you will be commuting.  If you are new to this industry, you are in for a huge lifestyle change, but your fellow airline peeps are here to help!
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Airline Livery Designers: Please Stop Boring Us With Your Plain Planes!


Quiz Number 1: Match the liveries with the choices below:

Delta Qantas Swiss Emirates

Quiz Number 2: Match the liveries below with the following airlines:

American Southwest Iberia KLM

With the exception of Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, and Spirit Airlines, the major airlines in the U.S. have turned to a less colorful money saving ...

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