United Brings Back Double EQMs!!

After nearly two years of speculation, United has finally brought back double elite qualifying miles!  Unfortunately, the promotion is very limited:
1) Only available on roundtrip SFO/LAX-ORD itineraries solely containing these flights
2) Only available to residents of IL and ...

Delta Eliminates Mileage Expiration

I received the email below from Delta this morning.  This is certainly an interesting move.  Now, there’s no rush to spend 350,000 miles on a single transpacific business class ticket!
We've eliminated mileage expiration so use miles on your timeline, not ...

Sweet Deal: US Airways' Off-Peak Awards to Europe and South America

While combing through the rules of US Airways' mileage program a year or so ago, I read about their “Off-peak” awards, which are a great value.  However, since the awards require travel on US Airways’ metal (something I generally avoid), I had completely forgotten about ...

Shocking: United Backs Down on Regional Upgrades!

United has updated its page on 2011 elite program changes to add the following:
1K members: During 2011, if you are a 1K member based on 2010 activity, you will still be eligible to earn two Regional Upgrades per quarter as you did before. In addition, under the new program changes ...
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United and Continental Announce "Enhancements" to 2011 Elite Program

United and Continental have announced the first details of the 2011 elite program, and many 1Ks are going to be unhappy.  1Ks will now earn only 4 CR-1s (confirmed regional upgrades) for 100,000 miles of flying versus 8 for the same (or less) flying in prior years.  In addition, 1Ks won't earn any CR-1s until they reach 75,000 EQMs for the year.

1K qualification will now require 120 EQS (elite qualifying segments), as compared to 100 EQS in prior years.  Qualification via EQMs (elite qualifying miles) remains unchanged at 100,000.


Delta, American, and US Airways report Q3 profits

Delta, American, and US Airways all reported third quarter profits this morning. 
This is great news for all of you mileage millionaires since those miles represent unsecured loans to the airlines, and since higher profits mean a lower chance of default on those loans.  Of course, ...
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2,000 Free Priority Club Points

Follow this link and enter Lake Titicaca, Puno, Peru for this week's answer, and you should earn 2,000 Priority Club Points.  You must enter the answer today for 2,000 points.  If you wait until tomorrow, you'll only earn 1,000 points, and if you wait until Thursday, you'll only earn 500 points.  After that, you'll get nada.

Tip of the hat to Gary.


Welcome to The Mileage Millionaire!

Hi, I’m Gene, The Mileage Millionaire.  Welcome to my first blog post at upgrd.com!
I have been a mileage millionaire for several years now and recently joined the exclusive 10-million mile club.  I hold top status with Delta, United, and American, and I am a long-time ...